List of the Best Creamy Eyeshadows

Perfect makeup - one that emphasizes all the advantages and reliably hides flaws. But here's a paradox, often in pursuit of fashion, women spoil the natural beauty by ineptly applying make-up. Today we will touch on the topic of choosing one of the favorite means of all the girls - shadows. And with pleasure we will share the list of the best creamy means.

For the perfect make-up

Cream shades have long since gained fame as one of the most stable and reliable, not crumbling, not rubbing, not sliding even throughout the day (of course, subject to the choice of a quality product).

With their help, creating a full-fledged make-up is a real pleasure, because everything can be done as quickly as possible. In addition, these shadows are very versatile, they are used as a standalone product, and instead of the liner, and also, if necessary, as a highlighter or rouge. Here, really, the miracle of the cosmetic industry!

But before you start experiments with makeup, you should definitely learn how to apply such a tool. Many girls think it is as simple as possible - to dial using the applicator and shade over the surface of the eyelid. And this is the main mistake. This technique is applicable only to dry shadows, and in the case of creamy such "manipulations" will only lead to the fact that the product spreads and falls unevenly.

The ideal option is to put the product on the finger and lightly pat it into the eyelid. Another important condition for a perfect make up is that the eyelids should be clean and dry. If they are powdered, there is a risk that the shadows will start to blur.

Rating of popular products

In addition to all the above benefits, cream products have another advantage - they are economical. But how to choose a product that will have an ideal price-performance ratio from a huge amount of cosmetic products? We decided to help in this difficult matter by ranking the best:

MegaEffect, Avon

Let's start with inexpensive ones. And I must say that this is not at all the case when cheap means bad. Miniature neat jars hold 3.5 g of highly pigmented product.Even the lightest shades will be clearly visible on the eyes.

With this make-up you can go even to a party by the pool and do not be afraid to be caught off guard by the sudden start of the rain, because the texture is water resistant. High temperatures are not terrible for this product, so your summer makeup will remain perfect for a long time.

Maybelline Color Tatoo 24, Maybelline

This bestseller. The ruler consists of 14 shades, rich and juicy. Gel texture allows you to easily apply the tool and mix several tones at the same time if necessary.

The name Color Tatoo was not chosen randomly, the technology used for the pigment of tattoos is used in the manufacture, so there is no doubt that it is resistant.

Paint Pot, MAC

A sufficiently high price often frightens off potential buyers. But it is fully justified by the quality. The manufacturer’s stated persistence for the whole day is confirmed by the experience of using many girls. In addition, this product is 2in1, it contains both the base and the color pigment itself, which means that you do not need to put preparatory preparations on the eyelid Paint Pot is considered to be one of the best.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes, Tom Ford

Plastic and soft to the touch, they literally after a few seconds freeze on the eyelid and remain there without the slightest change for a very long time.8 shades in beige and brown are suitable for classic make-up and make-up in nude shades. And for those who love more brightly, the brand periodically releases limited series of succulent persistent tones.

Givenchy Ombre Couture, Givenchy

The products of the luxury segment are of high quality, which, of course, affects the price. Light texture helps you to use shadows without much difficulty to create a wide variety of makeup. Brazilian wax, which is part, provides maximum durability, and the quartz particles give an incredible shine and the most pleasant sensations.

To create images for special occasions, there is also a top transparent coating with glitter in the ruler.

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre, Chanel

An ideal example of the quality of the highest sample of French cosmetics. Silky texture with the effect of powdered makes the shadow imperceptible on the eyelids. Included with the jar is a special brush with a beveled cut of bristles that allows you to perfectly apply the tool and use it as a liner, making neat lines.

Cream eyeshadow - must-have modern girl who wants to look perfect, without spending a lot of time on perfect makeup.The only thing that you should remember when purchasing such a product is - after use, the jar should be reliably closed, otherwise the mousse will quickly lose its plastic texture. Make the right choice and be irresistible!

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