Long eyelashes at home - a reality?

Any girl, regardless of age, strives to match the fashion trends adopted in the field of beauty. Every fashionista wants to always remain attractive and mysterious. The most important detail in the image of a girl is her look. Expressive eyes attract attention from the male, so many young women focus on this part of the face most. A huge role is played by eyelashes, or rather their length. To give the eyelashes the right format, specialists in the field of cosmetology constantly research and develop the latest technologies for hair growth, to make them longer and thicker.

Platinus Lashes: Myth or Reality Platinus Lashes Solution is an innovative tool that enhances the growth of human eyelashes. This is a real progress in the field of cosmetology. With it, you can achieve any desired length of eyelashes, as well as make them more dense and lush.The drug is also applicable for eyebrow growth. The composition of the product includes a number of active ingredients, which leads to a positive dynamic, and eyelashes grow. The main part of the ingredients is natural, therefore it quickly affects the hair follicles, strengthening them and promoting the appearance of new ones. The natural components of the drug do not harm the mucous membrane of the eye, but rather act as a means capable of relieving eye fatigue. Positive qualities of Platinus Lashes - The product consists exclusively of natural materials , - Affordable price and excellent quality of the drug, - The product is fully certified, - No negative characteristics and reviews, - Does not require complex cosmetic procedures, - Does not require constant application,- Fights with fragility of eyelashes, - Regenerates cells,
- There are no restrictions on use, - There is no sharp and characteristic smell. What is the secret of Platinus Lashes The effectiveness of the product is due to its natural and natural components, namely : 1. Exposure of coniferous plants, such as pine, cedar, spruce, cypress and others.These components have an impact on the hair follicle, strengthening it, as well as causing the growth of new cells. Regeneration does not allow lashes to fall out. Thanks to the extract of coniferous plants, the healing effect of tissues around the eye area and eyebrows is created. These components have a beneficial effect on capillary walls and blood vessels. 2. Huminic acids, or rather the complex of natural organic compounds. These are different amino acids, peptides and polyphenols. They stimulate and make eyelashes grow. The presence of this ingredient is mandatory, since only it can provide protective functions from allergic reactions. Humic acids envelop and saturate hair with all useful substances and minerals, making its structure strong and strong. 3.VOM gel base, which acts as an antimicrobial agent consisting of a set of brown algae, as well as ionized water. The component soothes the skin and prevents irritation. The gel acts as an activator of metabolic processes, which leads to the strengthening of the hair follicles and causes the growth of new eyelashes. 4.Oil base, which is castor oil.The extracts from the castor-oil plant in it feed the hair, making it more flexible, and also repair the destroyed structure of the eyelashes. The mechanism of action of the drug Active components of Platinus Lashes penetrate inside the cells of the hair cover and skin, providing a stimulating effect on the hair follicle. Before applying the product, you should carry out cleansing activities of the skin and eyelashes. Throughout the day This tool can be used repeatedly. Beauticians advise to apply the solution in the morning and evening. The visible result will be noticeable on day 10. Important: apply the solution quickly and immediately seal the tube tightly. Do not use Platinus Lashes for any eye disorders. This will prevent the positive dynamics and growth of hair. What is the cost and where to buy the product? To avoid fakes, you can buy Platinus Lashes products from official representatives, ordering a tool in the Internet - the store. The product can be purchased with a 50% discount at a price of up to 990 rubles. Total The positive effect of using Platinus Lashes can be obtained if you apply the solution continuously for a certain time.Numerous studies and customer reviews show that: - a 45% increase in hair volume occurred, - 39% of eyelashes became thicker, - hair grew 33% longer, - by 52% became more volume of eyelashes. Positive dynamics can be observed after 1 month of application of the drug. Beauticians recommend applying the tool every day to people who have loss of eyelashes, as well as with the sensitivity of the skin and after the build-up. Using Platinus Lashes, eyelashes get a natural look, natural color and shine. Eyelashes become long, and eyes more expressive and attractive.

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