Magnetic welding corner

When carrying out welding work, there are times when it is necessary to simultaneously grip the part and hold it at a certain angle. For such work you need two people or a special tool. The most commonly used clamp. With its help fix the item, exhibited in the desired position. However, the clamp has a lot of flaws. Therefore, a special magnetic holder is needed, which will help to perform such work quickly and without unnecessary trouble.

Advantages of a magnetic corner for welding

  • Able to hold both metal parts, which frees your hands to perform basic work.
  • Does not block access to the junction, which makes it better to clamp.
  • Allows you to create several options for angles.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low cost manufacturing.

Manufacturing process of a magnetic angle

For I started we need a magnetic disk with a diameter of 15 cm and an internal diameter of 5 cm.It is also necessary to have squares of sheet metal 3 mm thick, with a side of 20 cm. It is very important that the sides of the square are perfectly even. It is desirable that the magnet thickness does not exceed the most used material in the work. The best option is 1-1.5 cm.
Magnetic corner for welding
We set the magnet in the center of the square and draw a marker around it to create the markup. Next, on the metal, we apply cutting lines that must be made to create a piece.
Magnetic corner for welding
We clamp the workpiece in a vice, and with the help of the impeller we cut off unnecessary elements.
Magnetic corner for welding
The resulting part is applied to the second square to circle its outlines. Then we also use the impeller to remove the excess from it.
Magnetic corner for welding
We combine the two blanks and weld them together. Now we can perform one operation, just above the two parts. Next, we need two threaded couplings. On the workpiece set the magnet, putting it to the previously scheduled place.Then distribute the coupling around its perimeter, at the same distance from each other. We mark their position with a marker.
Magnetic corner for welding
Remove couplings. We designate holes in the center of the location of the couplings. Next, using a drill that corresponds to the diameter of the hole in the coupling, we make holes in our workpiece. It is through them that the bolts for fixing will be installed.
Magnetic corner for welding
After that, a piece of pipe, the diameter of the inside hole of the magnet is welded to the workpiece. We fix it on this place. As a result, we received a part that can be clamped in the lathe chuck.
Magnetic corner for welding
With the help of a drill and cutter on the machine, we create a hole equal to the inner diameter of the magnetic ring.
>img src="" style="max-width: 100%;" alt="Magnetic corner for welding">
Remove the welded pipe and clean our part. It is very important to get perfectly smooth edges, while maintaining compliance with the corners. Therefore, we will have to work not only with a grinding machine, but also with a file.We make a kind of measuring tool, which means that the accuracy of the work must be at its best.

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