Master Classes for Children by May 9

On the eve of Victory Day, thematic schools and most kindergartens usually have thematic classes: children read poems and tell stories, show presentations, and teachers prepare meaningful stories dedicated to this great day.

You can also conduct master classes within the thematic lesson.

 Master classes for children by May 9

Master classes for children by May 9

For children by May 9, at Example, will be relevant workshops for the manufacture of handwritten orders and medals. In the future, you can use these orders as gifts to the guests of honor of the holiday.

To create such a crafts for May 9, a master class on which you will conduct, will be useful:

  • golden foil-lined cardboard;
  • red corrugated and simple cardboard;
  • stationery or polymer glue;
  • scissors;
  • stapler or tape;
  • St. George ribbon.

From the golden cardboard you need to cut a slightly squashed on each side circle.

Circle of golden cardboard

A circle of golden cardboard

Zigzaggingly cutting off its edges, we turn the circle into a star like star. You can use zigzag scissors with a large pitch for this purpose.

 Cut the star

Cut the star

On top of the" star "we paste a smooth circle from red cardboard, smaller diameter. The edges of the lower "star" should be visible from under it.

 Glue the red circle

Glue the red circle

Below the" star " »We are attaching the St. George ribbon. You can gently fix it with tape or stapler, or you can glue it with polymer glue.

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