Master doll house

Every little girl who plays dolls dreams that her toys live in a luxurious spacious house, which in its beauty and realism of the interior elements will not be inferior to this mansion. A few decades ago, similar houses were made by hand, putting all their imagination into their creation. And nowadays, despite the large number of different models of doll houses presented in children's stores, you can personally make a cozy resting place for the doll. Additional items, if necessary, have the opportunity to purchase in online stores. For example, a thermometer that will record the air temperature in a dollhouse can be selected by clicking on this link:

To create a toy mansion, you need to arm yourself with a large cardboard box, wallpaper cuttings and rugs, linoleum strips, beads, flowers, feathers, colored paper and glossy magazines that have been repaired after repair.In your arsenal should also be: matchboxes, foam plastic, wire and other materials from which you wish to make toy furniture. First, you need to cut off one of the walls of the box and paste over its walls completely with wallpaper, or colored paper. The floors of the house must be arranged using cardboard, linoleum and the remnants of carpets. Then you should carefully cut through the windows in the walls of the house. On the inside of the windows, you need to attach curtains that are created from pieces of fabric prepared by you in advance. The wire can be used as a cornice.

After you have finished all the work listed above, you should start modeling doll furniture. Excellent furniture you get by gluing matchboxes, as well as using polystyrene foam. An interesting solution in creating the table will be a thread reel with a plastic cap attached on top. The matchbox will be the perfect dresser for the doll, which can be purchased on this website: It is recommended to decorate the house with cuttings from magazines, ribbons, beads and other small details. Such a house, if desired, you can always add something new, add new rooms, change the interior.

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