Meatloaf with unusual filling is an excellent substitute for ordinary shish kebab

It seems that meatloaf and barbecue are two completely different stories. But the creator of this recipe is in no hurry to agree with this and offers to cook the original dish with him.

For the recipe you will need:

  • minced chicken
  • bacon
  • hard cheese
  • bow
  • celery
  • salt
  • pepper
  • garlic.

First you need to chop half the onion and a little more than half a glass of celery. For the dish, you will also need about 450 grams of smoked bacon. For this roulette, the chef podkoptil pieces of bacon in a roasting pan. So that the stuffing does not stick to the board, where the roll will roll, it must be wetted. In the video, the cook uses plain water, but you can pour the board with beer.

At first, a flat cake is formed from ground meat, something resembling pizza. Gradually, a rectangle is formed from the mass, which should be sprinkled with salt, pepper and ground garlic.Then the chef lubricates the mince with the sauce (the usual ketchup or barbecue sauce fits) and puts the stuffing: onion, celery, bacon and grated hard cheese. Bacon is better to pre-chop. After that, the stuffing should be rolled into a roll, making sure that its ends were straight.

The roll goes to the edge of the broiler so that it can be well baked over low heat. On top, the cook suggests adding more sauce and a few pieces of bacon. At a temperature of 150 degrees, the roll on the grill should be cooked for about an hour. After the meat is cooked, you can add a little more cheese on top and let it melt a little.

After the roll is ready, it is better to leave it for a few minutes to cool it a little. After that, the dish can be cut and serve. An excellent side dish for such a roll will be potatoes, baked on the grill.

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