Men's card

Today, the article focuses on creating a postcard for a man. The card will be presented to the recipient on his birthday. For what reason were these colors, style of performance, idea with a business card and chamomile names chosen? The fact is that when creating this card from scratch, I was guided by some information about this person. A man he is an adult, has a good sense of humor, has his own business. The birthday boy has three flowers - this is his beloved wife and two beautiful daughters. By putting all the information puzzles together, I had such a picture.
 Men's Postcard
This is just an example that can be taken as a basis when working on a unique postcard. Show imagination, courage - you too can surprise your relatives and friends. Dare! To work on the postcard you will need the following materials: - blank for postcards (or thick paper), - scrabbook paper with different patterns, - threads, - sewing(you can use an awl or a hand sewing machine), - double-sided scotch, - paper chamomile (other flowers or ornaments), - plain paper, - scissors, - ruler, - glue stick, coffee - with cinnamon, - corduroy (for a butterfly), - watercolor paper (for business cards), - velvet colored self-adhesive paper (for business cards), - a good mood. Make a reservation right away that I used a manual sewing machine without a thread only because it can make holes in an equal amount of millimeters. Its functions as intended, this miracle unit does not perform. Alas. And do not forget to mark the lines of piercing with a pencil and ruler. We start to create! 1. It is necessary to make a “shirt” from the blank for the postcard. To do this, we bend the edges, personifying the future "collar".
 bend sheet
 bend the sheet
2. Pick up the paper to scrabbook the desired color and cut two rectangles. Do not rush them to glue on the workpiece. Sew the perimeter of the rectangles with a sewing machine, and then fix it onblank for the postcard.
 Pick up paper for scrabbooking
 Sew a sewing machine
 fix on the blank 3. Pick a collar coloration. Cut the triangles, they can be immediately glued to the base. I did not flash these fragments.
 Choose colors
 glue to the base
4. We make a "pocket" for the business card. It is necessary to cut a rectangle out of paper for scrabbooking of a suitable size, flash it around the perimeter.
 Making a pocket
Only after that you can stick the" pocket "on the" shirt ". Try to grease the bottom part of the “pocket” and sidewall with the glue, then you can attach a business card to it.
 Making Pockets
5. In my version of the postcard, the back of the “shirt” is white on the outside. You can also trim it with colored paper. 6. We will deal with the inside of the postcard.Cut to the size of the "vest". We sew these two fragments separately on a typewriter, only then we fix them on the workpiece with glue.
 fix on the blank
7. We make the internal “pocket” according to the well-known scheme: a fragment was cut to size, sewn separately, glued to the base. 13.jpg 8. The buttons on the "vest" will be symbolic. Three daisies - three favorite flowers in the life of this man (I made them nominal). Daisies can be fixed with double sided tape.
 fix on the workpiece
 Three daisies
9. In order to display the names of your favorite flowers, you need to cut out small strips of plain paper, soak them in a solution of coffee with cinnamon, and allow to dry. When the paper notes are dry, slightly bend both edges, leaving room for writing the name.  cut small strips
10. The logo for the business card was made using self-adhesive velvet paper.  Logo for business cards 11.We proceed to the manufacture of "butterfly" to our business man. Cut a rectangle out of fabric (I have velvet).
If the thread at the edges is frayed, they need to be swept over. Cut another small narrow piece of fabric, they will fix the middle of the "butterfly" After that, strictly in the middle of the rectangle of the future "butterfly" sew this small fragment.
Make a seam from the back side. The butterfly is best attached to one of the sides of the postcard using double-sided tape.
 do-it-yourself card
do it yourself card

Do not forget to leave your signature or creative pseudonym on the product. Good luck!

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