Cheerful cotton wool snowman

What do children do when winter comes? Of course, they make snowmen - this is a favorite activity of children of different ages. And even adults do not remain indifferent to this, they also participate in this entertainment. But unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when the snow will fall, but still want to make a snowman. So, let's make it together from cotton wool, and other improvised materials. For this you will need: cotton wool, sticks (you can use toothpicks), a sprig of wheat, a ribbon, pins with beads on the end. Christmas decorations for the house will look great not tree. You can also put it on a window sill or hang it on a chandelier.
 cotton wool snowman
A snowman with his own hands. Take a pack of cotton and separate from it three pieces: small, medium and large. Roll the balls out of them. But to keep them smooth, use water. Wet a few pieces of cotton wool and roll it, cover the ball with another layer of white “snow”.By doing this, the ball will be smooth.
 snowman from cotton wool
Now you need to fix the head of the trunk and the lower part, for this you can use glue, paste or staple them using the pin. In the latter case, take the device and pierce the balls, then put them on the pin in order. First large, then medium, and at the end a small wad of cotton. If you want to do this with a paste, then it is done like this: take the water into it, pour the starch and cook until thick.  wadding snowman
Roll out Wool two small balls, as you did the body of a snowman. This will be the hands, and attach them to the middle ball (on the trunk).  snowman from cotton wool Colorless snowman. Take a thin strip of cardboard and roll it up. Glue the edges of the paper and cut off the excess - it will be a bucket on the head of a snowman. On the neck of a snowman tie a ribbon, that is, a "scarf". It can also be replaced with a cloth. Cut a thin strip out of it that will resemble a ribbon.Make him eyes with pins with a bead at the end.
 cotton wool snowman
If you like, you can also make a snowman buttons on the middle ball (on the body) in the same way. Attach a branch of wheat to a snowman - it will be a whisk. Your snowman is ready!

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