Milk porridge mode in a POLARIS multicooker

To mean, having listened to my friends and acquaintances, that this is a miracle device, I decided to keep up with them and also get this miracle machine. In general, I chose - I chose, I chose the multicooker of the company POLARIS. This model was worth relatively within reason, namely, about four thousand rubles. Of course, I have no experience in choosing household appliances, but if you still have a choice and want to buy this unit, then I sincerely do not advise you to take this model as mine.

I will not tell everything and why, take a specific minus: the lack of cooking milk porridge. If you try to cook milk porridge - then it quickly runs away, after which the multivariate turns into something terrible. This problem is due to the fact that boiling milk needs a little lower temperature than water. So what can you do? As a matter of fact, I decided to slightly “adjust” the sensors,thereby reducing the shutdown limit of the heating element. In a few words about the operation of the device. The heating element heats the pot. Heats until the microcontroller turns it off. And he turns it off when the resistance on the sensors is below the threshold. In this model, there are two sensors: one in the middle of the heating element (it touches the pan) and the second one is built into the top cover. The idea is that it is tiresome to lower the resistance of the sensor, thereby lowering the threshold of the trip threshold of the heating element. For this, I decided to introduce a switching mode with a resistor.  scheme
Connect to one of the sensors, be careful: in different modes I work with different sensors. I chose the lower sensor, so it works in the “porridge” mode, more precisely both sensors work in this mode. The resistance of the resistor was chosen experimentally, it was 33 kOhm. We drill the hole with a scissors (the plastic is very soft) and insert the Soviet switch. switch in the body
inside view
Unscrew the control board and solder the wires of our circuit
connect to board

general view of the connection
Close, check. Careful that the wires do not touch the case.
 multicooker polaris
Everything works, milk does not run away. In conclusion, I will say that such an upgrade can be implemented in any multicooker, where there is no such mode.

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