Modular pictures with images of cities are the basis of modern interiors

Most of us live in cities, and so urban urban landscapes have become one of the most common types of decor. Although each city has its own mood and character: Paris is associated with romance, London with unshakable English traditions, small coastal towns with bright sun, blue sea and carefree rest.

How to create the right mood in the apartment with the help of composite canvases?

- this is not just interior decoration, printed on canvas. These compositions allow you to add a touch of lightness, comfort, romance or rigor, depending on the plot.

So, clear photos of the business center of New York, Hong Kong or Dubai are suitable for decorating the living room of a modern apartment, which is dominated by furniture with simple lines, a lot of chrome parts, glass and a minimum of unnecessary things.Also, composite canvases with uncluttered business views can be placed in office interiors or in the office of a manager.

Photos of Istanbul mosques evoke a dreamy and romantic mood. Such composite canvases can be placed in oriental interiors, surrounded by motley fabrics and rich decor.

Small street sketches showing people walking, transport, bright advertising lights, create a sense of dynamics, and will be a good option for decorating cafes and restaurants. Photos of stylish and unusual vehicles are also suitable for the decoration of bars or restaurants. Vintage cars, powerful modern supercars, - modular car pictures allow you to feel the power and dynamics of modern city life.

Accommodation options

If you want to create a stylish interior, which will be comfortable for you and your guests, when placing composite canvases, pay attention to such parameters:

  • image size;
  • module size;
  • location of the canvas.

Large images are suitable for spacious studio apartments and office spaces.It is better to place small fragments under the shelf with books or above the coffee table. The main thing is that the style and color scheme should be in harmony with the surroundings, for example, with furniture upholstery, wallpaper color or other noticeable details.

A good option would be if you placed a large composite composition over a sofa or soft corner. Also, large canvases should be placed next to the objects to which you want to attract attention. For example, decorate the wall next to the fireplace with a bright photograph of the sights, and guests will not be able to take their eyes off it.

A huge selection of urban paintings allows you to choose the one that complements the created interior and helps to create the desired mood. Let your individual orientation and thirst for experimentation be your guide, and then the interior will sparkle with new colors.

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