Modular residential home for permanent residence using CONVATE technology

Demand for modular homes is increasing worldwide. The reasons for such popularity are quite understandable:

  • the cost of such housing is very attractive;
  • rather short term construction of modular houses
  • modular buildings are completed with materials that are needed to create convenient and comfortable conditions for living in them.
Houses from CONVEYT containers

Such advantages are increasingly motivating consumers to prefer the acquisition of modular buildings of CONVEYT.

The popularity of modular homes in the West is already peaking. In our country, there is also growing interest in this type of building. Real financial savings and the speed of construction of alternative housing only fuel the interest of buyers.


Modular homes are of the following types:

  • high-grade houses that are made of blocks of any layout and area;
  • pre-fabricated structures that have a holistic look;
  • Mobile houses of small size (cabins).

Modular buildings have the following advantages:

1. High speed erection. The speed of assembly of modular structures is many times greater than with any other method of alternative construction. The constituent components of such structures are in the form of a kit, which is assembled at the installation site by experts.

2. Invariance of the layout and total number of rooms. The consumer when choosing a layout focuses on functionality, and not on the area of ​​the building. So the standard ready-made modules that are attached to each other, are used to arrange the necessary number of interiors.

3. Affordable cost. With traditional methods of construction, the provision of the foundation, communications, as well as finishing work, both internal and external, becomes a mandatory item of expenditure. The cost part in this case is quite impressive, while the price of 1 m² of modular housing will be 7 thousand.rubles. It turns out that a house with an area of ​​50 m² will cost the buyer 400 thousand rubles.

4. Ease of installation. The light overall weight of the structure makes it possible to install modular buildings without a foundation (on the base).

5. Mobility design. The speed of installation work on the assembly / disassembly of residential modules is very high, but the quality of fasteners remains high. Such an advantage will be important for someone who has decided to build housing on an unformed or improperly decorated piece of land. Later, this building can be disassembled and easily sold.

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