Mood is provided: a dozen anecdotes to laugh to tears!

You would not believe what holiday was celebrated in Russia on February 27. We don’t believe it ourselves - it’s such a caricature name with all the ideological prudence of this day. So, take the air into the lungs and get ready - on this day, the women celebrate! Yes, it's not a cat running through the keyboard - this is quite seriously a name!


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The essence of the holiday is boring and irrelevant, we will not focus on it. Just listen to the melody of these words - the women's vzbryksy ... Charm! Music for hearing! Thrill in the shower!

Okay, and now to today. Now that no women now bucking, let's just digress from the usual and boring in another way - we read the carbon anecdotes. We diligently studied the Runet, so that all you have to do is laugh, laugh, roll, roll, giggle and crawl under the table.

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