Musical Picture

Musical Pictureis a simple project and a great way to combine two types of art, as well as perhaps the best option to hide the speakers (speakers) in the interior.

Materials and tools:

  1. canvas, brushes, paints (or the finished picture)
  2. columns;
  3. soldering iron;
  4. wires;
  5. glue gun;
  6. player.

Step 1

Draw a picture on canvas or buy ready in the store. It is especially good if the picture shows a musical instrument or a favorite performer (musical group).

Step 2

Take the columns and disassemble, only columns are needed. Columns can also be bought in the store.

Now we fix the speakers from the back side of the picture, glued to the glue (hot-melt gun). We connect together the wires of the speakers, connect to the wire 3.5 mm Jack ("dad" for the player). If the speakers are connected to a subwoofer, then the wires with the plug are not required.

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