Negollywood smile: Demi Moore has lost her front teeth

The 54-year-old star demonstrated the consequences of terrible stress - because of him the actress lost her teeth.

The star of the films "Ghost", "Striptease", "Soldier Jane" and other Hollywood blockbusters Demi Moore is not afraid to show himself out of shape.

In the air of one of the most popular entertainment programs in the US, The Tonight Show (“Tonight”), a well-known actress frankly said that she had recently lost two front teeth. And for clarity, she allowed Jimmy Fallon, the leading television show, to demonstrate pictures proving the fact of "toothlessness".

Demi Moore told, because of what lost her front teeth
Photo: A frame from the transfer of The Tonight Show

“I lost my front teeth. I would like to explain their lack of skateboarding or something cool, but in fact I was the victim of one of the worst killers in America - stress, ”Demi Moore explained to the presenter and the viewers.

True, in the picture the actress has a hole only instead of one tooth, but she immediately clarified that she lost two whole.

Demi Moore told, because of what lost her front teeth
Photo: Gettyimages

By the way, the new image of the Hollywood diva really liked her daughters.Rumer, Talulla and Scout argue that this way their star mom looks defenseless and touching. “They liked to see me like this because it seems to them that this way I look more vulnerable and humane,” said Demi.

But despite the compliments and delights daughters Moore still chose to regain the Hollywood smile. The star immediately turned to the dentist, who inserted her new teeth - better than before. And on the TV show Demi Moore radiantly smiled, demonstrating her unfading beauty.

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