New trends from the club Maisons du Monde {VINTAGE}

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The author of the collection is Ophélie. Sometimes authors of stylization guides mix up the concepts of “retro” and “vintage”. Maisons du Monde decorators understand the difference: the first is family and national history, the second is fashionable once (in the recent past) direction with distinctive details. One of the most fashionable vintage directions in our day is “America 60x ”, The birth of modern advertising and pop music, colorful posters and fun entertainment, active distribution of cars and breakfast cereals. If anywhere in the attic you find things from those years, this trend will give them the opportunity to start a new life. Bright red, juicy blue and lemon yellow can be easily combined in this style, because when all this was already relevant. Genuine leather in the spirit of the “western” popular in those days, velor of muted tones and white walls save this style from randomness.

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