New Year gifts with own hands

New Year gifts with own handsThe New Year is a special holiday, a holiday of fun, goodness and a fabulous atmosphere. Everyone is looking forward to it and preparing for it: Christmas trees, toys, decorations, beautiful outfits, a varied menu and, of course, gifts. Both children and adults love to receive them, but it is also pleasant to present surprises. The ideas of New Year's gifts are so diverse that it is difficult to make a choice on something. Someone gives something that a person has long dreamed of, someone rely only on his own taste. In our time it is difficult to surprise with a present. Sometimes people spend large sums of money to buy it, but he does not like it. After all, the main thing is to put your soul into the gifted thing.

More and more often we hear about making Christmas gifts with our own hands. Now it is very popular and unusual. The field of this action is just limitless. It all depends on your imagination and wishes. But still there may be a few questions about how to make a New Year's gift with your own hands. Where to start, what idea to implement, what to base, what materials to work with?

What to look for, making a New Year's gift with your own hands:

  • take care of the preparation of a surprise in advance, no need to postpone such a responsible business for the last days;
  • turn on your imagination and arm yourself with patience, because everything is not always perfect and the first time;
  • New Year gifts with own hands

  • consider the gender, age and preferences of the person to whom you are going to present your exclusive work;
  • choose safe materials, especially if the recipient is a child;
  • Do not forget about the symbolism of the coming 2015 - this is the year of the Goat, or Sheep.
  • New Year gifts with own hands

Ideas for Christmas gifts do it yourself:

  • The most common is the Christmas tree of sweets. The basis of the tree is made of cardboard in the form of a cone, or an empty bottle of champagne or wine is suitable. From bottom to top, in horizontal rows, we attach candies with a scotch tape at the ends of the candy wrappers to the base, superimposing a little one row on another. Decorate the top with a star (made of foil, cardboard or plastic), a bow, a big candy, or a souvenir in the form of a goat or a sheep;
  • New Year gifts with own hands

  • candlesticks for the new year with their own hands. The basis can be a variety of solid resistant objects that do not melt when heated and do not emit harmful substances (for example, plastic, rubber).You can take a metal jar, put glue on it, and roll in sequins or beads. It is interesting in the role of candlesticks will look glasses (of thick glass), painted with colors;
  • homemade soap. You can combine different colors, perfumes, insert photos or pictures of water-soluble paper;
  • Christmas magnets do it yourself. The first option - on the finished magnet with the help of glue to perform any craft. For this purpose, cereals, paper, cloth, foam rubber, beads are suitable. The second option is to purchase a magnetic tape and, using a printer, apply the selected picture or photo onto it. The image of a goat on a magnet will be relevant for 2015;
  • knitted things - scarf, hat, sweater, leggings, cover for phone or laptop. The decor of a vase or cup made of yarn will be unique. For knitting you will need a thread, knitting needles or a needle, a design of the product that you can easily find on the Internet.

New Year ideas for gifts and ornaments can always be found on the Internet

And if you embellish them with your imagination, you will get a unique thing. Your family and friends will be surprised and grateful to you.After all, nothing can be more pleasant than to receive unique New Year's gifts, made with your own hands with all your soul and love.

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