Newspaper Cat House

Hello, dear readers. If you are carried away by weaving newspaper tubes, you can make a beautiful cat house. Houses for cats are now sold in stores and you can buy them, but if you want, you can make yourself a unique house and save money on your purchase. And the house made by your own hands will be to your taste. We decided to make our cat house round:
 House for a cat from newspaper tubes
In order to make such a house, we needed: - Paper sheets of paper (we used A4 pages); - Scissors; - Glue; - Rod from the handle; - Copper wire of medium thickness; - Needle; - Several wide plastic sheets (we used old dads u for papers); - Gouache paints and a brush; - Scotch; - Fur litter (we cut off a piece from an old fur coat); - Decorative ornaments (bow, flowers (wreath)). Starting a job,we take the old plastic folder for papers and cut a circle out of it:
 Cattery for a cat from newspaper tubes
 House for a cat from of newspaper tubes
Then we take the paper and cut it into thin strips (2 centimeters wide):  Cat's house from newspaper tubes
Using a rod from the handle, we twist strips of paper into tubes and glue together them:
 Cattery for a cat from newspaper tubes
After that we glue the resulting tubes into three pieces using scotch tape for to make the walls of the house stronger:
 Cat's cottage from newspaper tubes
We pasted the glued tubes with a needle and sewed them to the edges of a round plastic base :
 House for a cat from newspaper tubes
Next, when composing new tubules, we braid those that are already stitched to a plastic base. We need to braid it with a" zigzag ", that is, constantly weaving both tips. Braiding we start like this:
 House for a cat from newspaper tubes
In the case when the braiding tubes are finished, they need to be fixed with a clothespin and add new ones ( insert them inward or from above depending on how wide or they are their tips).
 House for a cat from newspaper tubes
Having made five circles of weaving, we decided to remove from plastic The ground is a site with an iron lock that will be uncomfortable for a cat. We managed to do this with the help of a thick needle and scissors, but we could not have done it with scissors alone. From another piece from the plastic folder, we cut a rectangular section, slightly larger than the size of the cut section and paste it:
 House for a cat from newspaper tubes
To calculate the desired height of the house walls, you need to measure the height of the cat.The growth of our cat is 32.5 cm, and under this growth (but slightly higher) we decided to make the height of the walls of the house. The cat repeatedly went inside:
 House for a cat from newspaper tubes
Having done nine rows of weaving, we decided to make several rows of patterned, openwork weaving:
 House for a cat from the newspaper tubes Regards , Vorobyova Dinara.

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