NTV plus: how to connect?

Julia Martynyuk
Julia Martynyuk
February 19, 2013
NTV plus: how to connect?

When you hear a conversation about satellite TV in Russia, it immediately comes to mind - NTV plus. For more than 14 years, NTV Plus provides us, the viewers, high-quality digital television. NTV Plus is more than 180 channels, both in digital and in HD (high definition) quality. The genre orientation of the channels is very high. This includes sports broadcasts from all over the world, films of Soviet and foreign production, travel and scientific discoveries, music and adult channels. After reviewing the number and quality of channels, the question is asked - I want NTV plus, how to connect? It's very simple - you can do it yourself, or go to the official website of the company. I will give you some pricing of the company's tariff packages.

Tariff packages

  1. Light package - 43 channels \ 100 rubles. per month
  2. Light Plus package - 58 channels \ 150 rubles. per month
  3. Base Package - 91 channels \ 549 rubles. per month
  4. Basic Plus package - 119 channels \ 749 rubles. per month

Also, on request, in addition to these, VIP cinema packages are added for a fee - 9 channels \ 650 rubles, Supersport - 17 channels \ 800 rubles,HD (high definition) - 18 channels \ 500 rubles. per month.

Let us turn to the topic, as still NTV connect itself. To do this, we will need a satellite TV set for one satellite, with a circular polarization converter, an NTV satellite receiver, plus an NTV access card plus Viaccess encoding. You can install the antenna yourself or better use the services of installers - professionals of your locality who will carry out the connection on a turnkey basis, up to connecting the receiver and activating the access card, which will be cheaper than ordering services through the website. The cost of a set of NTV plus is from 6850 rubles. if you do not have a satellite dish, and from 1200 rubles. If you have an antenna and receiver with support for Viaccess cards.

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