Oksana Fedorova told about her food system

In late October, TV presenter Oksana Fedorova was first published after giving birth. The star struck everyone with a beautiful appearance. What is the secret of Oksana's slimness?
Oksana Fedorova
Oksana Fedorova quickly got in shape after the second birth
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Many women believe that to lose weight after giving birth is possible only with the help of exhausting diets and exhausting exercises. TV presenter Oksana Fedorova is against these outdated beliefs and invites everyone, like her, to enjoy life without limits.

Oksana’s menu contains only healthy foods: “For breakfast, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs or porridge, a cup of coffee and one caramel. For lunch - a piece of fish with a salad and half a bowl of soup, you can meat, but better than vegetables. For dinner, salad and juice. ”

However, the star does not forget and pamper herself, and if you really want sweet, she eats a spoonful of honey. “If you dissolve a spoonful of honey in your mouth for 10–15 minutes, the blood sugar level rises and you don’t want to have a sweet one.I checked myself. And the most important thing is not to eat chocolate, but to savor it in small pieces in the mouth, ”Fedorova told in an interview with one of the Russian publications.

TV presenters remind fast food lovers that food from fast food restaurants is not harmful, however, as a rule, it is consumed in too large quantities.

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