Original and stylish clutch

Every fashionista and simply stylish girl knows how important it is that the handbag fits a set of clothes. What if you do not have a suitable bag for a new dress? Do not worry! After all, you can make a wonderful, original and beautiful clutch bag by yourself, spending on making only one evening. What you need to make our clutch bag: - Yarn. Coloring can choose any that you need. I have a dress in brown-gray-yellow tones, so I chose the appropriate thread colors; - Hook. It must be the same size with threads. That is, the number of the hook must be selected for the thickness of the thread; - Scissors; - Decor. I have a buckle and a wooden bead, from which I will make a button.
 Original and stylish clutch
The bag will have a semicircular shape, so we begin to knit it with a loop of amigurumi. It is convenient for her to start not only pancakes, but also semicircular shapes.Its main advantage is that it allows you to start mating without forming an ugly hole. The loop should be tied with ordinary columns without nakidov - 5 pieces, but not dock them.
 Original and stylish clutch
Next we turn the knitting and knit the second row in the opposite direction. I am already knitting rows with crochets.
 Original and stylish clutch
After the first two or three, I begin to knit the center of each row with double crochets. They are taller and because of this, our bag will receive additional depth or height. My handbag is small and in three colors. The middle will be yellow.
Original and stylish clutch
Next I make a row of brown-brown yarn.

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