Master doll house

Master doll house Every little girl who plays dolls dreams that her toys live in a luxurious spacious house, which in its beauty and realism of the interior elements will not be inferior to this mansion. A few decades ago, similar houses were made.

Customized orders

Individual orders. Today it is not a secret to anyone that the production of upholstered furniture is on stream. This makes it possible to provide literally everyone with sofas, armchairs and other high-quality attributes. However, an increasing number of people are striving to create.

Dessert Bellini

Dessert "Bellini" Dessert "Bellini"- a step-by-step culinary recipe. Ingredients: 130 g peach puree + some more for serving; 130 g of champagne 115 g of sugar 8 g ​​of gelatin. For crumble: 50 g of flour 50 g of almonds 50 g of brown.

Caramel apples

Caramel apples Caramel apples - an idea for business. Caramel apple is a phrase that can interest not only a child. For those who are looking for new ideas for business, making such apples will be an interesting solution. With a small financial investment.

Bulk Rose from Beads

Volumetric Rose from Beads A shavingVolumetric Rose of Beads, which can become an ornament, for example, to make a brooch, a small gift or a souvenir, and you can collect a beautiful bouquet of such roses. Materials and tools: red round beads 4 mm.

Creative Gift

Creative Gift For our idea, we will need acrylic paints, and varnish, brushes, PVA glue and our blanks. Record the phrase you want to give to your loved one and transfer the resulting image to your computer. Process the photo so that only the.

Flower with a secret

Flower with a secret On the eve of the birthday or the beloved women's holiday, I really want to present something unusual to my loved one as a gift. But is it always necessary to buy a gift? Maybe it's better to give something.

Quilling paintings

Quilling a picture Workshops: Painting in the technique of quilling "Forest Fairy" Quilling technique allows needlewomen to show all their imagination. Paper strips as a result of simple manipulations turn into spiral blanks, from which you can make volumetric crafts and paintings. And if.

Owl Doorplate

Owl Doorplate Owl door sign- the original owl door sign is a great replacement for the Do Not Disturb hotel. If you want to hint at home so that you are not disturbed, just turn it with the words Good night ("Good night!") When.

Steel Brazier

Steel Brazier This invention is dedicated to all lovers of outdoor recreation. It can be called the crown of cultural cooking on the fire. Prepare food for friends and loved ones, enjoy the intoxicating aromas of food from a fire, and even keep warm.

Pencil Scroll

Pencil Scroll To teach the child to order and make the drawing process more fun, sew a bright pencil case for the little artist. It is convenient because in the process of drawing the child does not need to pour all the accessories out.

Doggy Toy Bag

Doggy Toy Bag Our little girls really like to look like adults. And for this they just need such an accessory as a handbag. And so that it was not boring, I will tell you how to make it in the form of a.

House with a sheep

Lamb House The New Year is already very close, which will bring us a lot of good news and changes for the better. In place of a rather difficult and full year of testing a horse comes a more calm and fluffy lamb. This.

Chocolate Roll Cakes

Chocolate Roll Cakes Chocolate cake-rolls- a recipe. Ingredients: for the test: egg 3 pieces; flour 2 tbsp. l.; cocoa 2 tbsp. l.; baking powder 0.5 tsp.; powdered sugar 2 tbsp. l. for the filling: cream cheese 200 gr; butter 100 gr; powdered sugar 2.

Flower Bezel

Floral rim It's summer already. Everything is blooming all around, but the girls who have flourished most of all, who now and then perk, make different hairstyles. To date, headbands with flowers have entered the trend. After wearing such a bezel, the girl becomes.

Classic Cappuccino

Classic Cappuccino Hot drinks warm us well in the cold season or on a cool summer evening. This popular national Italian drink with its excellent aroma and exquisite delicate taste will win the heart of even very capricious gourmets. Ingredients: - Coffee (Arabica or.

Paper Summer Paper

Paper Summer Application Here is the long-awaited summer, full of hope and anticipation of rest. Children love this time of year and with great pleasure devote their creativity to it. Therefore, the application on the theme of “Summer” from paper and paper napkin will.

Cork Wobbler

Cork Wobbler Hot summer begins to lose its strength. Already very soon the temperature will drop a little and the long-awaited autumn will come when fishermen take up spinning. A huge number of baits will fly into the water, with only one purpose.

Lemon Kvass

Lemon Kvass Today I will present you a recipe for a great tasty and refreshing drink -lemon kvass. We need: 1) 800 grams of black (rye) bread 2) 7 liters of water 3) one and a half to two Sakana raisins 4) 2 glasses.

Jammer for TV (Pig)

Jammer for TV (Pig) Sometimes there is a need to make large interference to the TV and radio range. For example, a wife is watching “Don't be born beautiful,” and you need to watch the Champions League. For this purpose, use a special device.

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