Toy Storage Box

Toy Storage Box There are always a lot of old and old postcards in every house that are already tired of storing, and it's a shame to throw it away. We offer to make a beautiful box for storing toys from such material.

Gift Choice

Gift selection It's time to think about a gift? What could be better than jewelry, which will remind of its donor over the years and decades. Perhaps it will form the basis of family jewels that will be inherited - who knows? Therefore, to.

Black lemonade

Black lemonade Black lemonade is a refreshing drink that is exactly suitable for celebrating such a popular holiday around the world as Halloween. The black color of lemonade is given by activated charcoal, which you can buy at the pharmacy. But do not worry.

Men's card

Men's card Today, the article focuses on creating a postcard for a man. The card will be presented to the recipient on his birthday. For what reason were these colors, style of performance, idea with a business card and chamomile names chosen? The fact.


Projector Workshops: 10 846 Cheap Laser Projector Laser projectors can be divided into two main categories. Either they use diffractive glass / foil to project the pattern, or they have a system that moves the laser beam in the directions of the XY axis.

Paint for hair

Hair dye Nowadays, on the shelves of stores you can see a large number of different hair coloring products: ordinary hair dyes, non-ammonia dyes, various tint means of temporary action. All of them differ not only by the manufacturer, but also by their properties.

New Year's box

New Year's box Required materials: - Whatman paperboard or cardboard, - Colored paper, - Satin ribbons, - Stationery knife, - Scissors, - Glue , - Pencil, - Ruler, - White gouache (acrylic), - Thin brush, - Lighter, - All sorts of decorations on the.

Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch Workshops: Cross-stitch making using hoop art The best gift is a gift made with your own hands, is not it? In this master class, an excellent way of self-manufacturing such a gift with the help of the Hoop Art technique, which is.

Fir felt toy

Felt Christmas tree toy New Year's décor plays an important role in preparing for the most magical holiday, and decorations made with your own hands are part of the magic. Just imagine, using fabric, scissors, threads and ribbons, you can create an unusual exclusive.

Pine bump

The bump bat The cone bat is a very relevant Halloween hack. It will make the holiday more interesting and fun, because it will help to create the right atmosphere in the house and in the garden. The basis of the craft is the.


Kitten Children really like cute soft toys. And toys made by my mother's hands are especially expensive. You can also please your baby by stitching a cute red kitten. You will need: a fleece of white and orange, cotton wool, scissors, a needle, threads.

White Swan

White Swan To entertain children or decorate the room, you can sew a large soft toy. I decided to sew a toy swan, which will be decorated with large beads. To make it, I took white cloth, threads, cardboard, nail polish of black and.

Bow Tie

Bow Tie Despite the fact that no matter what means a person does not possess, he wants to look stately and elegant. In addition, no weather can prevent you from looking appropriately, as long as there is a desire to do everything for your.

Tricks of creating a cozy kitchen

Tricks to create a cozy kitchen Kitchen - one of the favorite places for gathering most families. Here they gather to discuss problems, news, share impressions, thoughts with all of their family, friends, relatives. It depends directly on how harmoniously furnished the kitchen is.

Knitted sweater with a teddy bear for the baby

Knitted sweater with a teddy bear for the baby We knit a charmingBaby Jacket, decorated with a pattern and embroidery Bear. Materials and tools: yarn (70% wool, 30% alpaga, 25g / 57m) 5-6-7-8-9 hanks; yarn (51% wool, 49% acrylic, 50g / 134m) in black.

Inexpensive country sofa from pallets

Inexpensive country sofa from pallets Stage 1: Materials and Tools 10 euro pallets “Continuous” pallets List of materials 25 pallets (pallets): 10 euros and 15 others, without cracks (gaps) between adjacent boards. Please note that they turned out to be of a different size.

Speaker Protection

Speaker protection scheme The Internet now presents a huge number of different sound amplifiers, for every taste and color, for any needed. As you know, even the most reliable amplifiers tend to fail, for example, due to improper operating conditions, overheating or improper connection.

DIY cup decoration (2)

Cup decoration (2) {by own hands} For Children, Crafts, For Children, For Familiar, For Favorite, Gifts, For Men, Decor, For Women, Workshop, Cheap, Accessories Dishware - one of the most popular sections. The inventor must be to some extent a genius. Now I have.

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