Elastic bands for hair

Scrunchy for hair "Whimsy" from the fabric The elastic is 6 cm high and 10 cm in diameter. The fabric allows the flowers to keep their shape and product very practical. For work we take materials: - fabric “Kristalin” of red and green colors.

Gift Bags

Gift Bags Any gift for a holiday requires some beautiful and original packaging. Moreover, no matter what kind of celebration, be it a man or a woman, a girl or a boyfriend, grandmother or grandfather, or even a baby. For example, even to put.

Felt sheep

Felt sheep Handmade toys are becoming increasingly popular, as they are made from environmentally friendly objects and are absolutely unique in their performance, since each master's hand is individual, so the toy is exclusive. Here, for example, even to take an animal whose year.

Pansy Flower

Pansy Flower Massive jewelery has always isolated creative and courageous people from the crowd, and now they have become completely “must have” in the fashion world. Today, the larger and more noticeable the ring, the more emphasized the sense of style and following fashion.

Classic Oatmeal Cookies

Classic Oatmeal Cookies Oatmeal cookies- a classic culinary recipe for oatmeal cookies. Ingredients: oatmeal 1.5 cups (1 cup = 250 ml); butter 50 g; 0.5 cup sugar; egg 1 piece; You can add nuts, chocolates, berries to taste. Cooking First, make oatmeal. From 1.5.

Stool with Provencal landscape

Stool with Provencal landscape A stool with a Provencal landscape- after the restoration, the stool has become a real work of art. Materials and tools: wooden stool; Acrylic primer rice paper; glue for decoupage; acrylic paints; craquelure varnish; brushes; spatula; foam foam sponges Finish.

Masks for damaged hair at home

Masks for damaged hair at home Beautiful well-groomed hair is the only means of transformation for any woman. No matter how competently the makeup was applied, the dull lifeless hair spoils the female image, making it unfinished, useless. Many beauties do not apply decorative.

Cholesterol in foods

Cholesterol in foods Cholesterol can cause considerable damage to health. It is important to consider cholesterol in food. Cholesterol causes significant damage to health. Photo: Getty Images Why is cholesterol considered to be harmful and dangerous to health? The fact is that with its.

Parmesan - the real king of cheeses

Parmesan - the real king of cheeses Fans of cheeses probably tried gorgeous Parmesan. And what features this variety is different, is this product useful? Let's find out! What kind of cheese is it? Parmesan is a delicious Italian hard cheese variety, the cooking.

Plumbing work quickly and professionally

Plumbing work quickly and professionally Sooner or later, but everything in this world fails. If the faucet drip, it is still a small problem. But if the pipe burst from old age, then the bay of neighbors is provided for you. And if you.

What is a plane?

What is a plane? Instruction The concept of a plane has one of the meanings, like some simplest smooth surface, an example of which is a mirror or a table. The term "plane" is used to denote the level of something. For example, the.

Thick Yarn Mat

Thick Yarn Mat Perhaps, in one house you can not do without a rug. Rugs is a cozy element of the interior, which is fashionable to put in the bathroom, hallway, bed near a bed or baby cot. Handmade mats come up with very.

How to make a soft carpet with your own hands

How to make a soft carpet {do it yourself} Decor, Workshop, Accessories, Interior Want to make a carpet with your own hands? Yes Easy! If you have a large number of old T-shirts and you do not have a hand to throw them away.

How to cook Italian salad Panzanella

How to cook Italian salad "Panzanella" You will need For 3 servings: - 1.5 tbsp. white wine vinegar; - 1/3 tsp. Dijon mustard; - 1/2 of the average zucchini; - 1 large shallot; - 2 tbsp. + 50 ml of olive oil; - 1/2.

Simple rope candlestick

Simple rope candle A simple rope candlestick- a master class, how you can just make a rope candlestick for one big candle or several small candles with your own hands. Materials and tools: Cardboard base wide tape; thick twine or rope; glue gun; scissors;.

How to make a methodological guide

How to make a methodological guide You will need - literature on the topic; - own experience. Instruction The purpose of the methodological manual for students is to consolidate the subject matter as they progress through the topics. Any methodicalallowanceshould include the following sections.

How to organize a private enterprise

How to organize a private enterprise You will need You will need to pay the state duty and collect a package of documents. Instruction Hand over the prepared package of documents to your tax authority. You can download the list of required documents on.

Wall Murals with waterfalls

Wall murals with waterfalls Good mood, home comfort and a large number of friends are provided to those who are not afraid to experiment, and are trying to create a stylish and modern interior in their home or office. Since ancient times, man attracted.

What is the danger of orthorhysis for our body?

What is dangerous orthorexia for our body? Proper nutrition is a guarantee of health. This postulate is known to all. But not many people know that a healthy diet can become dangerous for the body if it turns into a real mania. Recently, along.

How to respond to criticism

How to respond to criticism Any criticism can be attributed to one of three categories: valid criticism, unfair and incomprehensible. With unfair criticism, the situation is very simple - try to ignore it. The main thing is not to make a mistake by accepting.

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