Dress lady: Rudkovskaya boasted outfit

"Dress lady": Rudkovskaya boasted outfit Would you wear this? Yana Rudkovskaya is a famous lover of designer clothes. Sometimes her images look very strange, but they cost a lot of money. For the next social event, she chose an outfit from Lebanese designer George.

A beautiful bookmark for a book

Beautiful bookmark for a book Anyone who likes to read books knows that a convenient bookmark is very important. It should not be too big, but not very small. Many people like the bookmark to be not only practical, but also interesting. This master.

DIY souvenir for Easter

The Souvenir by Easter with our own hands What could be more interesting than making handmade Easter gifts with children? Immersion in the creative process always brings a lot of positive emotions and helps to feel the joy of fruitful, friendly, interaction with the.

Air Ballerinas

Air Ballerinas With the help of air ballerinas, you can not only decorate the room, but also create a special holiday mood. Such a decorative element as a paper ballerina will be suitable for a room of a little princess, for creating New Year's.

Lisa Jordan wooden brooch with landscapes

Wooden brooch with landscapes {Lisa Jordan} Crafts, For Familiar, Vintage, For Favorite, Gifts, For Men, Decor, For Women, Workshop, Cheap, Accessories Living in a small town, far from the noisy bustle of megalopolises, soothes and relaxes a person, gives him the opportunity to live.

Methods for diagnosis of giardiasis

Methods for diagnosis of giardiasis It happens that a person suffers for years from allergic reactions, stool disorders, skin rashes and a number of other unpleasant symptoms. It may be that the cause of the ailment is a common parasitic invasion - giardiasis. It.

How to remove the waist

How to remove the waist? Among a large number of women there is an important, but easily solved problem - obesity. This article describes in more detail how to get rid of body fat on the body in effective ways. To begin, we will.

How to get rid of perfectionism

How to get rid of perfectionism How to get rid of perfectionism? If you are inclined to demand perfection from yourself, then it is quite likely that you will be attracted by people who are no less demanding, but express their claims much more.

Elegant table lamp from toys

Elegant table lamp from toys Crafts, For Children, For Friends, Gifts, For Favorite, For Men, Decor, For Women, Workshop, Cheap, Lighting, Accessories If you have a lot of toys with which the child is no longer playing, you don’t have to get rid of.

DIY Handicrafts

Do-it-yourself handicrafts Crafts with their own hands from the materials at hand can be made by any child, if they show a desire to do so. Therefore, the main task of parents should be to immerse the child in the creative process and provide.

Pasta with Cheese Sauce

Pasta with cheese sauce Pasta with cheese sauce - a recipe. Ingredients: onion 0.5 pcs; garlic 2 cloves; Butternut Pumpkin 300 gr; refined sunflower oil 3 tbsp. l.; chicken broth 1.5 glasses; 300 grams of pasta; hard cheese 200 gr; milk 1 cup; nutmeg.

Portable miter saw

Portable miter saw Making a saw bed For the bed we used a sheet of hardboard 10 mm thick. First, using a jigsaw, we cut a circle with a diameter of 20 cm and cleaned its edges. Fastening legs Four legs serve to raise.

How to save for your own home

How to save for your own home Instruction The most important thing is to set a real goal, and then move towards it with small but sure steps. The goal should be as low as possible and accessible. Suppose if you do not have.

Paper Candy Peonies

Paper Candy Peonies Peonies Peonies made of paper- we make beautiful flowers from corrugated paper with our own hands, this is a wonderful gift for a girl with a small and sweet surprise inside. Materials and tools: corrugated paper plastic sticks (for stem or.

May tours: we have time for hot

May tours: time for hot! Only three days are left to the May holidays. Have you reached the last? Swallowing drool, looking like a friend picks up a vacation suitcase? Well, you still have a chance to make it to the beach. WDay.ru tells.

Installing a kitchen hood in a private house

Installing a kitchen hood in a private house Content 1. Appointment of kitchen hood. 2. What the system consists of and the necessary set of tools. 3. Preliminary work. 4. Installation of exhaust system. 5. Testing the kitchen hood in the winter. Kitchen hood.

Link the beach dress of Elegria

Tie the beach dress of Elegria Beach dress Elegiya- knit crochet wonderful summer dress for the beach. Materials and tools: Diva yarn (100% mic ­acrylicfiber,350m/100g)-250gdark ​​shy;blue,10grwhite; hook number 2; 80 cm hat gum. Legend: rev. - air loop; Art. c / n - double.

Knitted overall with ears for the baby

Knitted overall with ears for the baby Knitted jumpsuit with ears for the baby- knit with needles cute jumpsuit for a small baby with funny ears. The jumpsuit looks very charming and will appeal to both you and the baby. Materials and tools: 300.

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