Trousers with stripes - fashion trend of the season

Since the time women began to wear pants, women have borrowed many models and styles from men. This detail of the wardrobe has become indispensable, each time appearing on the shows of world designers.

In the 70s of the last century, original models with stripes became a trend, having returned their popularity to our time. And if before such a thing was considered exclusively sports, then today it can be worn even by girls and women of various builds far from sport.

From sport to high fashion

Such a seemingly simple piece of wardrobe, like pants with stripes, is at the same time very cunning, because an incorrectly selected model can completely spoil the look. Therefore, to begin with, let's see what they can be and who will fit?

  1. Cotton with a wide belt. This option looks great on women with outstanding forms, pulling up the abdomen and covering the folds on the sides.The most successful ensemble - trousers, light cotton tunic and moccasins. By the way, this image will be convenient and beautiful even for young mothers, for whom it is primarily convenient, and also beautiful.
  2. Leather. This model will be the "highlight" of the image of a bold girl. You can wear them both for a walk in the city, and for a tear-off party.
  3. From denim. Often these pants have a free cut and are decorated on the side seam with a strip of beads or rhinestone. This style will take pride of place in the wardrobe of any fashionista.
  4. Gold. Another unusual model that combines sporty and romantic styles. The attention-grabbing thing will look spectacular with both sports shoes and T-shirts, and heeled sandals in combination with a light chiffon blouse.

Striped pants are a great thing to create casual style. Most often, designers use natural fabrics that fit nicely in the figure - satin, cotton or linen.

The right combination

And now we come to the most burning question that interests the girls who have decided to get fashionable pants - with what they can be combined?

Despite the fact that most women associate such a model with sports, designers completely break these stereotypes, including it even in classic bows.

  1. If you want to look slimmer, then you should choose tight pants with a light stripe along the side seam, which can be combined with high-heeled shoes and a sweater in the same color as the stripes. But be careful if the pants are too long and gather in the pleats at the ankles, take them to the tailor and cut them off. This not only looks sloppy, but also creates the opposite effect - legs seem even shorter.
  2. A chiffon blouse or a knitted cardigan will help create a romantic and gentle look.
  3. For skinny models of bright colors, choose a pair of monochrome blouse, over which you can wear leather leather jacket.
  4. To get rid of the sporty look, you can link such a model with classic jackets and blazers.
  5. As for shoes, here you can choose one that will be convenient for you. Both heeled shoes and sneakers will do. Original women's pants with stripes in combination with sneakers on a wedge look original. A knitted jumper, a baseball cap and a sports style bag will easily fit into the image.
  6. You can not be afraid to experiment with outer clothing, putting on a coat or blown jacket, depending on the wishes and occasion.
  7. Those who favor military-style pants with side trim will be very useful. In this case, the parka will be suitable for outerwear, and for footwear, massive boots or ankle boots with a wide shaft.

If you want to emphasize all the advantages of your figure, then pants with stripes must “live” in your wardrobe. Forget about stereotypes and create original fashionable images!

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