Paper stars on the Christmas tree

Making a beautiful Christmas decoration on the Christmas tree -Paper stars. Asterisks are obtained as if bought in a store, and if you approach the matter with fantasy, it is much better, because you can make them out of any paper and decorate as you like. Asterisks are unique and inimitable. The process itself is very interesting and fascinating and is perfect for co-creation with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. star pattern;
  2. thick paper or cardboard;
  3. pencil;
  4. scissors;
  5. rope or string;
  6. glue;
  7. decorations;
  8. printer.

Step 1

Download the star template, print it out and cut it out. We place the template on a sheet of thick paper or cardboard, cut and cut.

Step 2

Now we will bend the star along the fold lines so that it is more convenient to bend using the ruler, and you can also pre-push the places of bending with a knife.

First, bend down the bold dotted lines (on the template) - it is concave.Next, bend up the thin dotted lines (on the template) - it is curved.

Step 3

Bonding the bent edges at the ends of the star.

We put a star on a piece of paper or cardboard, cut it around, cut it out and paste it on the back side. At the same time, we make a loop from the thread and glue it between the star and the back cover.

Everything,a paper staris ready. We decorate it with tinsel, beads, sparkles and other decorations.

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