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  • There is such a thing as "passive income". Passive income is income that does not depend on everyday activities. Passive income can be created, both for a short time and for long-term. Most often, the period of receiving passive income is not limited, so it is so interesting for many smart people. Consider the basic methods of how to get passive income.
Deposit in the bank.
If you have a large amount, then you can invest this money in a bank at interest and receive an impressive annual deduction.
For example, you put in a bank 100,000 rubles at 10% per annum. In this case, you will receive annually 10 thousand passive income. If you have 1 million rubles at your disposal, then you will already receive 100 thousand rubles a year of passive income.
Authorship. Licensing.
Create! Songs, books, movies, audio courses, pictures and original inventions - all this can bring you passive income throughout your life, and passive income can be passed on to your children.
Network marketing.
Often, as soon as people hear about network marketing, they immediately imagine fraudsters and eternal salespeople who force them to buy something. But along with the bad reputation of this direction, there are also serious companies that promote their products through building systems. If you find a decent company and build your system of people in it, you can get good referral fees.
A franchise is a complex of benefits consisting of the rights to use the brand and the business model of the franchisor.
In other words, you open an original business and for opening a similar business in another city, other people ask you for permission, and for this permission you take money from them, as well as in the process of business development they pay you cyclically 7-13 % of turnover.
There are a lot of opportunities to invest - stocks, bonds, venture funds, mutual funds, etc.
The most important thing is to study the company in which you are going to invest your money, as they will manage your money for several years.
When investing, the interest rate is mainly higher than if you keep money in the bank, but the risk is also great.
Partnership in business.
A lot of promising people or companies are looking for investors to implement their ideas. The positive side is that you will receive most of the income from the labor of other people, i.e. You do not build a business, but you get money from it. The negative side is that there is a big risk that the performers will not cope with the task of building a business, or the idea, which was initially considered as promising, did not take root in society and did not bring money.
The property.
Any property can make money. If you have a room, apartment or garage that you do not use, then you can receive a monthly income from them, simply by renting out a room.

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