Wall mural and living room - a fresh look

Photo wallpapers are decorated for 40 years. Photowall-paper is a decorative covering on which drawing or the image is applied. Such coatings may be solid or composite. With the advent of new technologies, the basis of photo wallpaper can be non-woven. But paper wallpapers are also popular.

designed to solve several key tasks. The image will increase or decrease the space of the room. The color scheme of the picture or image will make the room warm or cold. The wallpaper image displays the overall style of the interior and can serve as a transition from one stylistic zone to another in an apartment. These wallpapers will highlight the purpose of the room.

Photowall-paper with the image of cities, squares, streets will emphasize the modern or high-tech style in the living room. The image can be accented with moldings or supplemented with light. The depicted pop stars on the wallpaper can be used in the style of pop art. Living room with wallpaper depicting nature looks cozy.These wallpapers combine with almost any style. Using an ethnostyle wallpaper in the living room with a picture of nature will fit perfectly and will complement the whole image of the interior. Using minimalism in the interior, wallpapers with flowers or a marine theme will be relevant. This image will be combined with the style of Provence and the Middle Ages. Using the style of national culture in the interior, you must apply the wallpaper with belonging to this culture architectural objects or natural images. For example, a Japanese-style living room is designed using household items, furniture models, it is useful to apply wallpaper with a picture of, for example, an Sakura tree or bamboo. A variety of textures and patterns makes the wallpaper relevant at this time. Properly selected wallpaper can increase the space of the room, create a unique mood and comfort. A variety of images on the wallpaper will embody any of the most courageous design decision. Some of the most popular are the images on the wallpaper of wine cellars or bookcases. Some wallpaper snag, but increasing the room by 1.5 times. The most interesting use of photo wallpaper is their placement in the living room.It should be understood that photo wallpapers are a fairly large image and inappropriate use can turn a living room into a small room or a dark uncomfortable room. There are some tips on how to choose a wallpaper in the living room and avoid mistakes:

  • apply the best wallpaper on the wall, where the relaxation zone is closest;
  • The wallpaper in the room is an art object, so the furniture must be placed without closing the image;
  • The wallpaper image should match the style of the room and the mood;
  • Having wall-papers on the wall, take into account the lighting of natural light. In the dark corner of the wallpaper will lose their beauty;
  • visually increase the space of the room light wallpaper
  • wallpaper color should not repeat the colors of the room itself, the result will be boring;
  • black and white wallpapers are interesting if the room has bright colors in the upholstery of furniture or carpeting
  • use in a large room is best wall-paper with a large pattern, and, conversely, in a small room with a small pattern. A large image in a small room is simply not to see;
  • Visually expand the room volume wallpaper.Such textures can be used in conjunction with the main wallpaper on the wall, as a continuation of the picture;
  • Make the room brighter with light-colored wallpaper and warm colors.

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