Piggy - felting wool

Wool toys look amazing, they seem to be alive. Today, the availability and range of colors of wool makes it possible to make any animal. In this master class I will show how to make a piglet out of a wool with my own hands with step-by-step photos.

Pig wool from wool

How to mesh a pig from a wool master class

We use two colors of wool - pink and blue. Our own pig will not be a monotonous pink color, but a speck, so it will take a little blue wool. And also we can not do without such materials as:

  • foam sponge;
  • glue moment;
  • needle thread;
  • wire;
  • eyes for toys;
  • oil pastels;
  • thin brush;
  • felting needles numbered 40 (thin) and 32 (coarse).

Making the piglet's head.

So, tear and peel a thoroughly pink hair, forming a ball.Place this mass on foam, and consistently turning the ball, begin to pierce it deeply with a coarse needle. This is necessary for the felting inside the ball to occur. As the process progresses, the density of the ball will increase, but outside it will be loose.

To remove this looseness, use a fine needle to make the same movements. However, the depth of the sticking needle is worth reducing.

When the ball compresses, we can say that the frame of the head is ready.

At the bottom of the neck, make a hole, letting it go with a needle.

Begin to add volume to your face. Let's make a bulging forehead, cheeks and nose, adding small pieces of wool there. Orbit the eyes and draw a thin needle to the size of the plastic eye.

Glue your eyes with glue. Next, make a separate foam for the face - a small semicircle. Fold it from the outside, but leave the back part (attachment point) loose to better attach later. Using a needle, punch the lip downwards.

For the expressiveness of the eyes, it is necessary to make eyelids. Before you put them on the little face of the piglet, draw the eyelids over the eyes with a needle so as to tighten and deepen the place for future eyelids.

Ideally, the eyelid should fit the eye. Rest on the eyelids above and below and admire how the face immediately changed.

Next, make a patch - this is a small circle. Well work it on foam rubber, especially sealing the side. Rest on the nose.

Also make the ears separately (fold the hair with a triangle) work on all sides, achieve the desired shape and attach the needle to the head.

Add volume to your cheeks, if necessary, as in my case.

Making the torso.

Roll the wool in a roll and start felting with a thick needle, then a thin one to form a cone.Form the neck and add the volume to the stomach.

In order to make the paws, too, roll the wool tightly with a roll and flop a thin needle. Condense, draw the folds and cuts on the hooves.

Make the lower legs in the form of "legs".

What kind of pig without specks? Take a very small piece of blue wool, so that they shine through and spread to the body chaotically.

It's time to put the toy together, connecting the details. First, press the upper paws with a needle. Next, sew the head to the neck with the needle and the lower legs to the body, as in the photo. Place the knots with threads close a piece of wool.

It remains to make a tail. Wind a strip of wool on a small piece of wire, after having pre-coated the wire with glue. Next, fasten the wool on a wire frame by gently dodging the needle. Leave the tip of the wire free, spread it with glue and glue it in the body. Then, after drying, the adhesive will wringe tail crochet.

The final stage is the pigment muzzle painting.

Thrust finely pastel red and brown colors and shade a patch, eyelids, claws. Brush your cheeks. The folds of the legs are also covered in pink or brown pastels.

Have a fantasy in decorating the pig from the wool with accessories, sewing clothes for him. Here's what I got. Cute pink pig went for a walk in a new blouse, on the way he met ladybugs, with whom he became friends.

Author of the master class Natalia Napolova.

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