Pine cones jam

Pine is a beautiful and very useful tree. It cleans the air and fills it with an enchanting scent. Everything that grows on this tree is a panacea for many diseases. Needles, in addition to essential oils, contains various vitamins. It has a high content of vitamin C. The needles are harvested in the autumn-winter period, because At this time, the content of vitamins and oils is higher than in spring and summer. In folk medicine, needles are used to strengthen blood vessels and the heart, to improve vision, to cure scurvy. Infusions, jam and honey - all this can be prepared from pine cones. They not only fill the body with useful vitamins, but also cure many diseases. Pine cones have been used for the treatment of lung diseases. Pine cone is effective for bronchitis and liver treatment. This jam boosts immunity. It is enough to take it systematically, starting from autumn and to the middle of spring. Take jam tsp. in a day. Collect cones need from the beginning of May, while they are green, small and soft.They grow both one by one and clusters. To make jam from the cones you need the following ingredients: • pine cones; • • water; • • sugar. Stage 1: you need to take 1 kg of cones, wash and clean them from the needles;
 Pine cones
Stage 2: fill the cones with water (2.5 l will be needed for such a rate of cones) and set to stew. After the decoction with boils boils, boil another 40 minutes. Cones are left to infuse in the broth for 12 hours; Stage 3: separate the decoction from the cones. Cones put off for some time. Add sugar to the broth. For this, it is necessary to measure an equal amount of broth and sugar in a 1: 1 ratio. We mix sugar with decoction);
 sugar decoction
Stage 4: boil the syrup for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Gradually, the syrup thickens and changes color from light amber to saturated ruby; Stage 5: after 1 hour and 10 minutes. add cones to syrup; Stage 6: pour hot jam into jars. You can use jars with both twisting and hardening; Step 7: turn over the jars so that condensate does not accumulate during cooling.
turn over the banzi
Jam stored in a dark place, not necessarily in the refrigerator. This jam has a pleasant, slightly sour sweet taste. Cones are edible. They are soft and pleasant on taste. Cones can be chewed and washed down with tea.
 Jam from pine cones
Such jam from cones is not used in cooking, it is used for prevention and treatment of disease.

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