Plastic bottle box

In the house there is always a couple of empty plastic bottles, especially in summer. A minimum of skill, a little assiduity and zeal, a little imagination, materials at hand, a couple of hours of time, a lot of desire and ... a wonderful little box made of plastic bottles made with your own hands will delight you, and the work done will bring a lot of pleasure. For making we will need a little chest: • plastic bottles; • • scissors; • strapping threads; • • punch; • needle; • hook; • • glue;• alcohol; • wipes for decoupage.
 For izg The title of the trunk
Bottles are cleared of labels and we cut out plates of the desired size: - 4 plates - 25 by 18, 2 plates - 18 by 18, 1 plate - 25 to 22, 2 figured plates (dimensions can be changed).
 we cut the plates
So that the blanks are not twisted,it is necessary to walk something hard and flat on it (with a pair of scissors). In each detail with a hole punch around the perimeter we make holes at the same distance. Armed hook, tie each plate.
 we tie up each plate
Next we collect the little chest. Sew together the parts to each other so as to get the boxes. Separately from the plates we sew the lid of the trunk. We sew the boxes and the cover together.
 We sew boxes
Since the little chest turned out to be transparent, and all the contents will be well viewed, we will use the decoupage technique. Thus, we will not only decorate the product, but also hide everything inside. To decorate better lay on the surface, it must be degreased. To do this, wipe all sides of the chest with alcohol.
 must be degreased
Cut a napkin to the size of the plate.

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