Porcelain flowers of Vladimir Kanevsky. They are so "alive" that, until you touch them, you would never believe that this porcelain

- An architect who has been living in New York for over 20 years and creates incredibly realistic and unique porcelain flowers of its kind.

The architect’s flowers adorn Europe’s eminent homes, such as the royal house of Princess of Monaco and the German princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis.

It is almost impossible to visually distinguish porcelain flowers from real ones. Kanevsky is working on them in every detail. Even ceramic potted earth looks quite natural.

Vladimir grew up and was educated in Kharkov, then moved to Leningrad and began working in an architectural institute.After he quit, he immediately fell under an article about parasitism, after which he had to earn money by drawing posters at the Art Works.

Then he seriously took up modeling and decided to move to another country.

Through Italy, he emigrated to America and began working in a porcelain workshop. Vladimir became so popular that his flowers began to order the Dior store. In 2011, he created his first collection, Meissen by Kanevsky, with the participation of the famous porcelain house in Germany.

Currently, one of his porcelain in a pot costs from 3 to 20 thousand dollars.

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