Pro loops, buttons and neat corners

This is definitely a way to update a dressing gown shirt blouse. And only a creative person could think of sewing buttons like that! You can repeat the picture and get, for example, a napkin under the hot

4045361_69cff9b6fdfb7687b44d41b511869d9b (490x490, 153Kb)

And Koos van der Akker came up with such wonderful loops for linen clothes. In the case of such a decision, as I understand it, there is no need to strengthen the place of the loop

4045361_47fa44fd43b33e84e3d605a0116a29d3 (214x320, 17Kb)

But this way (the first picture below) I would have sewn a button to something flax.

4045361_pugov (348x231, 44Kb)

4045361_pugov1 (345x252, 47Kb)

4045361_pugov2 (344x234, 41Kb)

4045361_pugov4 (345x224, 39Kb)

The idea for rework. When we are trying to remake the boring old into the new merry

4045361_b0de44874989a5cb2555b126dc0bdad4 (375x500, 68Kb)

Well, there are still big details - almost instructions for those who are interested

4045361_pug1 (545x440, 121Kb)

For the children's pocket - the boy - a nice detail, right?

4045361_pugo (563x425, 153Kb)

The bottom two - beauty sake

4045361_pug3 (556x434, 113Kb)

4045361_pug2 (556x389, 109Kb)

These methods will be useful for monochromatic blouses

4045361_2f71d03afbccdbdf3b62a27dc9726c31_1 (375x500, 65Kb)

Loop - admire-admire. The most agile are easy to repeat.

4045361_6677c9e67f6f16bdc1b8385a8139fc1f (353x700, 237Kb)


Correct loop in all respects

4045361_081c414c7404a2f02625d5a41a086c28 (253x700, 37Kb)


Board picked up along the way. That is, for the company. Because useful.

4045361_e444561b3ff4ba06be649a500f139218 (285x481, 15Kb)

Well, the very necessary advice-reminder is how easy it is to make neat corners: carefully look at the pictures and repeat if necessary.

4045361_e27f8b110f504e92bc70304cbebd67dd (558x689, 123Kb)

And that's all for today.

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