Psilo Balm: instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues

Instructions for use

"Psilo-Balsam" is intended for external use and is used to eliminate unpleasant symptoms after burns or insect bites. Included in the fat components allow you to apply it as a cream for very dry and irritated skin of the face, in children's practice for the treatment of diathesis.

Available in the form of a gel, tubes of 20 g and 50 g in a package with instructions for use.

Pharmacological action of the drug

Antiallergic agent with pronounced antihistamine activity and local anesthetic effect. Due to the active ingredient - diphenhydramine quickly and effectively relieves edema, eliminates itching and scratching. It has a cooling effect.

Indications for use of the drug "Psilo-Balsam"

- insect bites;

- urticaria;

- solar and other burns;

- allergies of various etiologies;

- dermatitis;

- itchy eczema.

Method of use of the drug

The course of drug therapy is prescribed by the attending physician on the basis of the history and age of the patient, concomitant diseases.

Apply the gel to the site of bite or irritation up to 4 times a day with light movements until completely absorbed. Does not leave marks on clothes and a sticky effect on the skin. After applying the gel on the skin, wash your hands and avoid contact with mucous membranes.

Contraindications and adverse reactions

The most important contraindication to the use of gel "Psilo-balm" is a pronounced hypersensitivity to the composition of the drug.

It is also not recommended to apply it to children up to a year and chronic allergy sufferers.

Be wary appointed during pregnancy and lactation. If necessary, conduct treatment psilo-balm, breastfeeding should be interrupted.

It is recommended to be careful when driving a car and performing actions that require concentration.

Special instructions when using the gel:

- exclude alcohol;

- Do not sunbathe.

Adverse reactions occur very rarely, mainly in the form of skin rashes or dry mouth, when applied to large areas of damaged skin.

Analogs, price and reviews of the drug "Psilo-Balsam"

On the main active ingredient:

  • "Dimedrol".

By pharmacological action:

  • "Fenistil".
  • "Panthenol."
  • "Solcoseryl".

You can buy the drug in a pharmacy without a prescription.

The price of the drug varies in the range of 230 - 270 rubles, depending on the region of sale.

The cost of analogs is different, the cheapest drug and the same active ingredient are oral medication "Dimedrol". Its price averages 15 rubles.

Reviews of the drug in most cases positive.

Quick effect, the ability to use for a long time and almost without adverse reactions. You can apply to children during the period of chickenpox, as the gel eliminates severe itching, slightly cooling the skin, and eliminates scratching the rash.

Self-medication is harmful to health, specialist advice is needed.

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