Puff pastry is very simple.

You will need
  • flour - 3 cups; margarine - 250 g; mayonnaise - 1 tbsp. spoon ;, kefir - 1 cup; salt - 1/2 tsp; soda - 1 tsp
The presented recipe for puff pastry homemade - yeast-free option. First you need to grind or chop (as you like) a frozen wedge of margarine (250 g) with three cups of flour. It turns out fat flour crumb, almost the same as on Napoleon.
Then a tablespoon of mayonnaise, soda, salt in the specified amount and everything is added to the top of the empty yogurt. Stir the contents and pour into the already prepared flour with margarine. Do not knead for a long time. More precisely - not at all. It is enough to mix the resulting dough with a spoon, to collect it later with your hands and give it the shape of a bun.
Ready dough remove for half an hour in the freezer and prepare the table for further rolling. For 30 minutes of being in the freezer, the dough will not have time to freeze to the depth, but this is not necessary. You may need a handful of flour for rolling out if the dough sticks to the table a little. After cooling, the dough should be divided into 2 equal parts.
The simplicity of the recipe is that it does not need to roll out very thinly. On the contrary, if you overdo it, that the layers will not be particularly noticeable, and baking them will be rude. Roll out each part of the dough with a thickness of 4-5 mm, pour it with sugar, then fold it in half so that it is inside. And so several times.
If the most sophisticated recipes require repeating this procedure up to 150 times, then 3-5 will suffice here. After rolling puff pastry, cut cookies out of it. You can use the figures, but the usual squares, triangles, diamonds will not have a smaller taste. Bake at 200 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

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