Red Carnation Hair Tie

To decorate a school girl's hair on a festive matinee with a charming and unique bow it is enough to spend one evening to create a luxurious rubber "Red carnation." hair band Red carnation
To create it, you will need: - a pink hair band. - scissors. - leaves to decorate a flower. - a large bead in the form of crystal lilac. - glue gun. - circle diameter 5 cm from a green satin ribbon. - rectangles 5х5,5 cm from scarlet satin ribbon 15 details. - rectangles 5х6,5 cm from scarlet satin ribbon 20 items. - lighter.
Build decorations. All the petals are created in one way. The rectangular piece is laid on the table face down and short side up. Now, at the upper side, you need to bend both corners to the middle of the part.
 scrunchy Red Carnation
Holding the part in such a position, it must be folded in half along its entire length.
 scrunchy red carnation
And when folded, you need to carefully cauterize the bent upper corners, you need to solder them together with the bend . This should be done carefully so as not to burn the fabric.
 scrunchy Red Carnation
This is necessary to get a small detail on the front side folds. It will give the petal a bend at the top.
 hair tie Red Carnation
Now you need to draw the lower part of the petal, to do this, fold the part in half to designate the middle of the bottom side . Now you need to bend the corner to the fold.
 hair tie Red carnation
Holding the petal in the fold,you should fold the corner from the second side to the middle.
 hair band Red carnation
Now the folded bottom cut must be carefully burned with a flame for soldering material.
 scrunchy red carnation
Now the petal is ready, from the other rectangles you should fold the same to Details. At the end of the assembly of their petals will be two kinds, large and small.
 scrunchy red carnation
Next to the bead in the form of a crystal with small glue, you should attach small petals.
 gum for hair Red carnation
All 15 small petals should be fixed one at a time, evenly distributing them in a circle.
 hair band Red carnation

After this, it is necessary to glue the petals of large sizes in the same way.Thanks to the long petals, the flower will turn out to be full-blown and lush. When all the petals are fixed, the bud should be supplemented with green leaves.
 hair band Red carnation
Now it's necessary to paste to the bottom part of the flower prepared green circle, which will cover all joints and seams with itself.
 hair band Red carnation
In the center of the closed captive circle left attach gum for hair.
 hair band Red carnation
To hide the place of joining the gum and flower base it needs to be sealed curved detail of green fabric.  scrunchy Red dianthus This is where the decoration of the jewel is done is ready!  scrunchy red carnation

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