Reliable building materials store

Dozens of sections with thousands of positions.
The company Stroymarket has been selling building materials for more than 20 years. During this period we have gained a reputation as a reliable, honest, profitable supplier. We have been working with the majority of our regular customers for more than 10 years. Our main priority in our work is always the interests of our customers. We consider the best reputation for our efficient work, impeccable reputation, grateful feedback from retail customers, wholesale customers and recommendations of regular customers to our friends to buy building materials from us. Today we process per month from 10,000 different orders (retail, large and small wholesale). There are thousands of items in our extensive catalogs. The main sections: building materials, finishing materials, water supply, insulation, building chemistry, tile.
Constantly updated assortment of building materials.
The building materials market today is not simply huge, we can safely say that it is limitless. Every year hundreds of large manufacturers surprise us with new products. Building materials are constantly updated and this directly affects existing construction and repair technologies. Each new repair for an ordinary person, if he produces it himself, begins with a study of changes in the construction materials market.Even a year in the field of construction is the period for which the market for building materials appear There are at least hundreds of types of goods, often with new properties that complement existing ones. Due to the appearance of so many new building materials, construction and repair processes are constantly being improved, and the unlimited assortment with the highest possible price range allows construction and repair to any citizens, companies and corporations .

Consultations in customer-friendly language and in case only.
It’s no wonder what an endless variety of building materials is in many cases puzzles buyers. In order not to lose precious time on this and not study the goods yourself, we recommend always and immediately contact our sales assistants. They are always aware of all the characteristics, applications and methods of use of building materials presented in our company. This is possible thanks to our system of continuous staff training. We spend a lot of effort on this so that you don’t waste your time. Our experts, advising, provide only the necessary information, without the use of annoying aggressive advertising and all sorts of tricks from the field of social engineering. This approach allows us to sell what we need, quickly and be successful thanks to the maximum possible turnover, which is the basis of our profits.
Multifunctional building materials.
Today, one of the important positive qualities of modern building materials is multifunctionality. The purchase of one composition, mixture, type of building or finishing material is often solved by several tasks facing the buyer. At the moment, the creation of such multifunctional building materials already ceases be a trend and becoming the norm. In the field of constant attention of large producers of building materials are also all existing and emerging innovative technologies. To that, technological breakthroughs in the field of building materials of a new level are no longer a rarity today, they occur regularly. Everything that can improve and expand the properties of building materials immediately goes into development. The future is definitely here and very soon we will repair not ordinary houses and apartments, but the popularity of the so-called smart home.

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