Remote Control Repair

With prolonged and intensive operation, the remote control of the radio equipment begins to show a characteristic malfunction. The buttons on the remote stop responding. This happens due to contamination of the contact pads of the board and rubber buttons, or due to the wear of the conductive coating of the buttons. To restore the operation of the console, you can carefully disassemble the console, clean the platforms and buttons with a damp cloth, and apply a little conductive glue on the buttons. But there is another way to restore the remote control. This is to use pieces of foil glued to conductive elastic bands. To repair the console, we need scissors, a knife, tweezers, Monolith glue and foil from cigarettes.
repair tools
Extract batteries from the console. Knife gently divide the remote into two halves.The halves of the console are usually fixed with such latches.  open the remote control
Next, extract the board and the block of rubber buttons. Use a damp cloth to remove them from contamination. We cut squares into contact pads from foil.
 squares from foil
We drip a little glue onto the conductive coating and, taking a square with tweezers, glue it.
 glue the foil
Our console has five buttons not used. Therefore, it is not necessary to glue the foil on them.
 remote control buttons
Adhesive foil on buttons
Next, collect the remote. We insert the batteries, observing the polarity, and check the operation of all the buttons.  sobirem remote This method restored the performance of many remote controls of various radio equipment. Repeated defect appears in about a year.Again, restore the buttons, you can tear off the old foil and gluing a new one. And one more tip. To test the operation of the remote control, you need to direct the lens of any digital camera to the infrared LED of the remote and press any button. If the LED is blinking, then we can assume with great confidence that the console is working properly.
 the remote control is working
If we don’t watch the blinking, the remote control is not working.
Repairing the remote control

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