Retro-style phone and player case

Retro-styled case for your phone and player- put your phone or player in a case decorated with retro cassette design.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. white fabric 16x20cm;
  3. polka dot fabric, 3 parts 12x17cm;
  4. 12x17cm filler;
  5. leather cord 50cm.


Step 1

The case is made in such a way that the iPhone is exactly included. You may have to adjust the size of the case to the size of your phone or MP3 player. Dig out embroidery, three pieces of polka dot fabric and filler with the same size you need.

Fold the embroidery and one piece of fabric with polka dots face inward, stitch along the top edge of the machine, putting a 25 cm length of leather cord between the layers.

Fold the two remaining pieces of polka dot fabric face to face, put a 25 cm length of leather cord between the layers.Place the filler on top, pin together and sew only along the top edge.

Open both parts and pin them together face-to-face with the seams in the middle. Sew along the outer edge, leaving a turning hole on the lining side. Turn it over your face, sew a hole with a hidden seam and tuck the liner in.

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