Rustic Style Needle

A simple needle bar is a necessary item in the arsenal of every sewing and handicraft lover. However, such a banal object can be turned into a functional organizer, which will allow you to neatly store not only needles and pins, but also various trifles like buttons, thimbles and zippers. In addition, it can be a nice gift and just decorate your desktop. A beautiful glass jar and a bit of magic will help to create such a needle bed. An additional advantage of a rustic rustic box is that all the objects inside it will be visible.
Needle in the style of rustic
Materials for work: 1. A beautiful glass jar with a lid; 2. Fabric (the effect of antiquity is best to create flax or velvet); 3. Sintepon or holofiber (better and the one and the other); 4. Satin ribbons; 5. Lace; 6. Candle; 7. Glue gun; 8. Thread with a needle 9. A piece of felt.
Needle in the style of rustic

The sequence of work:

Turn off the cover,we cut out a circle about twice as wide as the diameter of the cover from the fabric. Cut the same circle from sintepon. We cut a circle from the felt a little less than the diameter of the lid (about 5 mm).
Needle in the style of rustic
We put the sintepon on the wrong side of the fabric, bend it 5 mm, sweep, slightly tightening the thread.
Needle bed in rustic style
Fill the resulting cup evenly with a holofiber. We put a circle of felt into the pad and gently tighten the thread to the end. Tie knot and prune. It turns out something similar to manti.
Needle in the style of a rustic
Preparing a glue gun, apply hot glue to the cover and press a pillow against it.
Needle bed in rustic style
The heat gun quite successfully can be replaced with "Moment" or "Titan". We measure the length of the circumference of the lid and cut off the necessary amount of satin and lace ribbon.Needle bed in rustic style
Folding shuttlecocks,we connect lace with the base.
Needle bed in rustic style
Using a glue gun, fasten it to the side of the cover.
Needle in the style of rustic
Go to the decor jars. From satin ribbons we cut out the petals of different shapes according to the pattern:
  • №1 - white 12 pcs.,
  • №2 - pink, 10 pcs.,
  • №3 - pink, 8 pcs.,
  • №4 - maroon, 10 pcs.,
  • №5 - maroon, 8 pcs.
  • # 6 - maroon, 10 pcs.
Needle bed in a rustic style
The petals of the same pattern may turn out to be unequal, but even in a real peony they differ in shape. We melt the edges with the heat of the candle so that they curl a little; To do this, bring the petals to the flame without touching the fire.

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