Santa Claus made of felt with his own hands

Not losing relevance idea for Christmas gifts - homemade souvenirs. If you use simple schemes of work, you can make them pretty quickly; the main thing - to take as a basis suitable materials.

A vivid example of such crafts is Santa Claus from felt. You can do it with your own hands in a very short time, which is very convenient considering the amount of work to be done on the eve of the holiday.

 Santa Claus from felt with his own hands

Santa Claus made of felt with his own hands

Before making Santa Claus, we cut out of felt the details: two identical red droplets will become the body of the toy and the cap, a rectangular beige piece with rounded corners - face and a little bit we will turn white felt into a beard, a mustache and a collar for a cap.

 Details from the felt for the crafts

Details from the felt for the crafts

Sew a little face to one of the halves of the body.We fasten the halves to each other with safety pins, then we sew the seams on the sewing machine. You can sew the halves with a decorative (obmetochny) seam on the front side, this seam looks particularly advantageous on the felt. : // "alt =" We fasten the two halves and sew the face "width =" 400 "height =" 406 ">

We fasten the two halves and sew a little face

We start the stitched halves with a filler, which can be purchased in any department of creative goods or simply pulled out of an old toy, pillow or blanket.

 Filling for crafts

Filler for crafts

We glue the edge of the polymer glue on the edge of the cap, beard and mustache. You can use a glue gun, it is even more convenient to work with it.

 Glue the edge, beard and mustache

Glue the edge, beard and mustache

It remains to glue two eyes and a bead spout and attach a small decoration to the cap.

 Fancy article from Santa Claus felt

Crafting from felt Santa Claus

Here is our Santa Claus out of felt! The master class was uncomplicated, as promised, but the result of the work is beyond praise Varying the size of the souvenir, you can make it as a keychain or a flash card, a Christmas tree toy and even a small cushion.

And you can also use such a nice grandfather as a gift bag - just not stitch up to the end of the half Nki torso. Filling Santa Claus with gifts, you can tie the cap with a satin ribbon or pieces of the same felt.

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