Saving jeans from fading: a few practical tips

We really want our favorite thing to serve as long as possible. When we buy another pair of jeans in the store, we do not know for sure how long we can wear them. And yet there are a few tips that will save the new pair of jeans from fading, and at the same time extend the service life of old jeans in the closet.

Fix the paint

So, the first thing to do after buying a new pair of jeans is to try to fix the paint. For sure, many remember the times when new jeans painted their feet - they left blue traces of paint. Modern dyes no longer color the skin, however, even they do not guarantee that the color of the jeans will last a long time. To fix the paint on new jeans at home, you should take 2 liters of cold water for 4 liters. salt, a glass of 6% vinegar and mix everything thoroughly until the salt is completely dissolved. Put the jeans in the resulting solution for an hour, then rinse under cold water and dry.

The negative effects of heat and light

This does not mean that jeans can not be worn in summer.If you have a tumble dryer, then you should not dry jeans there. The fact is that high temperature (heat) destroys denim fibers, and the paint comes off it much faster (not to mention the faster appearance of scuff marks).

Stain removal

If you recently washed jeans, but accidentally spilled something on them, do not rush to throw them into the washing machine. Too frequent washing harms denim. If possible, remove stains locally: using salt, soap solution, starch, medical alcohol, depending on the quality of the stains.

We erase by rules

Jeans should be turned inside out and washed in a “delicate wash” at low temperature. So you can avoid excessive heating and friction of denim, and jeans will last you much longer.

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