Seven things that have no place in your kitchen

Do not turn the kitchen into a “graveyard” of battered dishes, dull knives and torn plastic bags.

Non-functioning utensils

No matter how thrifty we are, it's time to get rid of broken, rusted and unwashed dishes urgently. She is an extra burden in your kitchen.

Dull knives

If efforts to resuscitate blunt knives go ashes - urgently to the dump. Not only can the preparation of a salad take you forever, but the nervous system also deteriorates. Who needs it?

Old plastic swallows

Sudochek, obsolete their time, you need to dispose of without delay. Plastic is dangerous in itself, and expired plastic is doubly.

Dishes with chips

Even if this beautiful pink dish with cracks and chips reminds you of a beautiful past, do not try to “leave it alive”. In the end, it can cause injury.

Corks from wine

And do not try to explain your incomprehensible passion for collecting traffic jams by collecting.You can only leave a cork from the champagne, which you uncorked on the occasion of the wedding or the birth of a child.

Plastic bags

Be more attentive to the environment and join the eco-movement to avoid plastic bags in favor of rag bags. In any case, they will serve you longer and without a glitch.

All overdue

Did you use these breadcrumbs to make chicken Kiev in the year 2013? In the jar of pickles appeared muddy bloom? Exotic seasonings you brought from Turkey even at a normal dollar rate? We subtly hint - say "bye" to these products and their "relatives".

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