Sew a neat frill with dental floss

Frills and flounces have become a real hit this summer. Do not worry if you have not yet learned how to sew them, there is a way that even a beginner can help. Unlike the seam made on the machine, which then should be pulled off, the frill made with dental floss does not damage the fabric. Thanks to the strength of the thread and the special impregnation, it easily slides over the fabric and does not break off.

For frills need:

  • Waxed dental floss;
  • sewing machine with zigzag seam

Sew thread to fabric

Roll off the right amount of dental floss by adding 10 centimeters of stock. Position the thread on the wrong side of the product so that it runs along the center of the zigzag stitch, and fix it by lowering the typewriter foot. With the edge of the thread should stick out 5 centimeters.

Set the greatest stitch length and width between the punctures. Now it is necessary to lay the seam so that the dental floss is not pierced, but pressed by the working thread to the fabric.From the second edge of the fabric there will be another 5 centimeters of dental floss. Do not fasten the machine seam, but fix it on the ends with a bundle manually.

Pull the dental floss

Gently pull on the left tip of the dental floss, while forming smooth folds on the fabric. Do the same from the other end of the seam.

If the frill or shuttlecock needs to be sewn to a narrower part, pull the thread until the desired web length is obtained. Connect the parts on a machine with a seam suitable for a particular material.

At the end of the work, it will remain to draw the dental floss from the product. Your frill is ready!

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