Sewed curtains to the kitchen, and now I can’t be stopped

If you want to bring individuality into the room, emphasize its features, realize a creative flight of fantasy, then tailoring curtains will be an ideal solution. Do not neglect the choice of this element, because curtains can tell a lot about the owners and create a favorable atmosphere. And the curtains, made by hand, will not only tell you what a good housewife you are, but also give a special comfort to the interior of your apartment.

So, we will need:

  • fabric (for the first test it is better to choose a single color)
  • strings
  • pins
  • pencil or chalk
  • tape measure or measuring tape
  • ribbon tape
  • scissors
  • beads, lace and other decorative elements as desired

The most important thing when sewing curtains - not fabric, but correctly made measurements of the window.

Length - it is very important to add on 20-25 centimeters, since the curtains will not hang on the window itself, but on the cornice practically near the ceiling.

Width - we add on 25-30 centimeters, considering the further processing of edges.


We make marks on the fabric with chalk (according to our calculations), cut off the necessary amount of fabric and iron properly.

Before stitching the curtain, you must first cut the side sections with a stitch in the hem or oblique piping. An experienced seamstress does not even press the edge, and "by eye" makes a hem of the edge without a special foot and the line goes exactly 1 cm from the edge of the hem. You may have to press the hemming edge twice and then sweep it with thread.

Turn the tape (1.5 - 2 cm) inwards and pin it with a pin. Now first make the top line, about 0.3 - 0.5 from the edge of the webbing. When you have finished stitching the top line, do not cut off the remaining piece of curtain tape, but lay the curtain on the table and pin it with pins at intervals of 30-40cm. Straighten the bottom edge of the braid, and then on the sides.

Loops instead of ribbons make it much faster and easier, and they will look no less impressive.

To decorate ready-made curtains, show your imagination

Interesting patterns curtains

Ideas for inspiration

Tulle in the interior of the apartment

Many are afraid to take on the tailoring of tulle, as it looks very thin and fragile. But natural polyester fabric tulle will serve as a quality for many years, because this fabric is resistant to fading and does not lose its shape after the first wash.

Having picked up the beautiful combined fabrics, you can decorate a window with your own hands and transform the whole room.

Tulle can be hung on the walls, giving a special style to the interior of his apartment.

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