Shelf from a found piece of wood

A cool, slightly gothic, shelf can turn out to be literally under your feet. During a walk through the forest, a piece of wood was found, which at the end of the walk was safely delivered home and left to dry. As a result, this piece of wood was transformed into a wooden shelf.

Materials and tools:

  1. a piece of wood;
  2. saw;
  3. sandpaper;
  4. grinder;
  5. jigsaw;
  6. drill;
  7. varnish on wood.

Step 1

In the shelf we cut out 3 recesses for fastening. In the mounts and grooves we drill 2 holes each and fasten the mounts to the shelf. In the mount we drill another hole for mounting to the wall.

Step 4

With a grinder we grind a sharp corner at the shelf so that the edge is flush with the mount, and also so that the shelf fits snugly to the wall.

Unscrew the fasteners. We cover both the shelf and the fixings with varnish.

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