Simple and fast way to make as many pompons as possible in a small amount of time.

Pompons that can be made from yarn can become not only a decoration of your knitted product, but also a completely independent item of your wardrobe. Only you need to make a lot of them and form into a single whole, in the end you can get an original scarf.

But how to make a lot of pompoms and as quickly as possible?

Yes, very easy!

We take a yarn, a small table or chair, sewing threads and scissors and proceed.

Raise the table to a level where you will be comfortable to work, but do not need to bend down. Tie one edge of the thread to the left leg closest to you.

And just start tying the table legs to the yarn. The length of the distance between the legs and the number of turns of yarn depends on the size of your pompons. Tie the end of the thread on the right leg near you.

Tie the yarn very tightly with sewing thread. If you tie at an equal interval, the diameter of the pompons will be the same, if through a different one, then the diameter of the pompons will be different.

Cut with scissors the resulting "caterpillar".

Gut the pompons and correct the rounded shape with scissors.

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