Simple Ceiling Light

This is a very simple ceiling lamp to be made, which each of you can easily make with your own hands. It can not be distinguished from the purchase, and the cost of manufacturing is minimal and will allow you to save a substantial amount, considering how much the ceiling lights are now worth. And if you make such not one, two or three, it will be a significant increase in your budget.
Simple ceiling lamp

What you need to make a lamp?

  • - Rectangular slats.
  • - 4 long bolts with nuts (can be trimmed with a hacksaw).
  • - 4 corners with plastic dowel-nails for fastening to the ceiling.
  • - Plexiglas.
  • - 2 bullets with duma bulbs. You can take everything in a single copy, or vice versa, all by 4, depending on how much light you need.

Making a ceiling lamp

The first thing to do make it decide on the size, given the number of your lamps. You can also choose a shape: square or rectangle.I made a rectangular lamp. After the choice is made, we will carefully cut 8 bars. Drill two holes in each and try to assemble the frame of the lamp. If everything suits with sandpaper or on a machine we process the surface of wooden bars: smooth the corners, make the wood smooth, remove all the burrs.
Simple ceiling lamp
Then we coat our blanks with varnish with the color of wood. Or, first we pass through the stain 1 - 2 layers, depending on the shade, and then we cover it with ordinary varnish on the tree. .ru / uploads / posts / 2017-10 / 1506927085_3.jpg "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="Simple ceiling fixture">
Simple ceiling lamp
By the size of the central rectangle we cut plexiglas. Gently illuminate the mounting holes. Let's try to frame. If everything is like, we process all the glass on both sides with sandpaper. Remove sharp corners, make the glass frosted. Such plexiglass, treated with emery paper, perfectly dissipates the light flux. The light in the room where the lamp will hang will be smooth and soft.
Simple ceiling fixture
At the end, we fix the fixture with screws, but the plexiglass is not yet fixed.We fasten lamp holders and ceiling mounts to self-tapping screws.
Simple ceiling fixture
Simple ceiling lamp
We drill holes in the ceiling for dowel-nails. Hang the lamp. We connect wires, we turn in lamps. We dress plexiglas and we fix decorative nuts. It turns out that the distance between the wooden frame and plexiglass. That's it. Creative and original lamp ready. I am sure that such a ceiling lamp is not only not inferior to the purchased one, but in appearance it is more likely to even surpass most models.
Simple ceiling lamp
There is also an option to apply a pattern on the plexiglas on the inside, such as the Chinese character. And then your star will immediately change the style in a more eastern direction. But I stopped at this. A more classic version I prefer.

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