Simple flower stand from boards

A simple stand for flowers from planks- we make a simple and convenient stand for flower pots. These coasters can be folded multi-level stack for flowers, which can be placed both indoors and outdoors (in the garden).

Materials and tools:

  1. boards;
  2. saw;
  3. Drill and drill for wood, ring mill
  4. ruler, pencil;
  5. carpenter's glue;
  6. sandpaper;
  7. screws, nails;
  8. varnish (or paint) and brush;
  9. flower pots.

Step 1

Take boards and saw off 4 boards: 2 large and 2 short ones (the sizes are up to you).

Next, we take and put one board, we put flowerpots on it and mark the places for drilling. Using a ring mill, the desired diameter, drill holes for pots in the marked places.

Skins boards with sandpaper and collect the stand. To do this, you can use self-tapping screws or nails, and apply joinery glue to the joints.

At the end we are making or painting a stand.We are waiting for the varnish to dry.

Everything,flowerpot supportis ready.

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