Simple rocket

The idea of ​​this easy and not time-consuming forgery was born when February 23 was on its nose. My husband served in the missile forces, so my daughter and I decided to make exactly the rocket. I will say right away that this child can make a child himself, starting from the age of 5. Younger children will build a rocket with a little help from mom in 15 minutes.
 cylinder for a rocket
For a fake it is required: • Colored paper; • Any glue; • Toilet paper sleeve; • Scissors. My daughter suggested to me to use a toilet paper sleeve for this job. This kind of thing saves a lot of time. If you do not have a sleeve at hand, you will have to make it yourself from cardboard. Let's get to work. First we need to glue the cylinder with paper. The color of the paper depends on your desire. I took an orange sheet of paper and, wrapping them in a sleeve, measured the desired height and width. Cut a rectangle and pasted over the workpiece.
 rocket cone
Now we are making a cone of purple paper.To do this, fold the sheet at an angle and glue it together. Carefully trim the excess paper.
Now it is necessary to connect the rocket base blank with the nose section. Before this, the lower edge of the cone is cut along the perimeter so that when gluing it, bend the paper. We process the upper part of the sleeve with glue and carefully, putting on a cone, glue it. At the same time carefully pressing the edges. This is what should come out:
Then my daughter and I cut out circles from purple paper and pasted on a rocket. These are the “windows” of our space structure. From small rectangles we made blanks for “wings” that serve as a support for fakes. Sticking them to the rocket, we cut them in the form of triangles. So our fake acquired its natural look. Now it remains a little to shorten the "nose" of our rocket. Just need to cut it and glue the paper. So all the work! It should be said that my daughter and I spent no more than 15 minutes of our time.
In carrying out this fake, your child will strengthen the skills of handling scissors and glue, as well as develop his imagination .This modest thing, made by the hands of your baby, is able to melt the biggest heart.

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